WDTV themes

Will any WDTV Live streaming theme work on this new player? Or do you have to make changes. I modded a theme specifically for my own use on my two older WDTV Live streaming boxes and my friend just bought this new device. Can i just load it up and its good to go?

Themes need to be modified accordingly to match the target device. For more information please visit the themes board:



I’ve tried the SMP themes “Alaska” and “Titan” and both work on my wd tv. 

Generally speaking, themes are cross compatible … but where you’ll find some incompatibilities will depend on what firmware you are running.

example: latest firmwares for the WDTV Media Player and WDTV Live Streaming handle “Music Playback” screens differently

Latest Firmwares: Music Playback screen is displayed using   audio_run.xml   (does not display a list of selectable songs)

Older Firmwares: Music Playback screen is displayed using   album_playback.xml   (does display a list of selectable songs)

So, themes like Alaska (by me) or Titan (by dribbler) … will work on latest firmwares, but the music display won’t display as intended. see picture of music playback screen for Titan

And of course, the WDTV Media Player has always had the “Grid UI” … this was only recently added to the WDTV Live Streaming in the latest firmware release

example: my latest theme (PM4_WD) was designed for use with the “Grid UI” … so, if you are running older firmware on the Live Streaming … the home screen will not display as intended. (however, the rest of the theme will)

Just to Note: I own the new WDTV Media Player (lastest firmware) and the older WDTV Live Hub  (i don’t own a Live Streaming)