Alaska Theme for WDTV Live Streaming (Revised 3-12-12)

Since I originally did this theme, I have been tweaking it here and there.  This theme works w/ the latest firmware (1.07.15). This latest version uses pretty much the same homescreen with a little tweak: The background image changes based on the weather/time of day.  This is something I saw as apart of the original Alaska theme for XBMC and thought people here might like this option as well.  Thus you can change the home screen based on the weather and/or daytime/night time.  The images that can be changed are located in the folder image\accu_weather.  There are about 20 image files that can be modified.

If this is something you are not interested in, you can modify the following line in the file “inc_weather.xml” to remove it:

from this: 

to this: 

You will then have whatever backdrop you choose for your background.

I’ve also modified the different thumbnail displays for the video & music sections.  The active item should now appear to standout while the non-selected items should be sort of grayed out.  See the screen-shots for a better description. I’ve also added back the default movie posters in the gallery view.  The issue people were experiencing w/ the dashboard should also be fixed now.  Links to the theme and screenshots are provided below:

Alaska Revised

Screen Shots

Home Screen

                   Home Screen                                                                                                                              Home Screen (@ Night)

Video Browse

Video Gallery

                  Video Browse                                                                                                                                               Video Gallery

Music Browse

Album Playback

                Music Browse                                                                                                                                            Album Playback

Feel free to provide any feedback/issues you might have.  And the link for the old theme still works if you prefer that instead. Thanks.

Alaska Original

This theme is inspired by the Alaska theme & a few other of themes that were done originally for XBMC.  This home screen portion of this theme was originally done by JoeySymth for the Live Hub and all the credit for it should go to him.

The video, music, & photo sections of the theme were done to try and maximize the number of items that can be viewed and to also provide as much information as possible without the use of movie sheets.

A couple of screen shots are provided below.

home_screen.jpg                                     video_gallery.jpg

                 Home Screen                                                                                    Video Gallery

video_browse.jpg                                     movie_list.jpg

                Video Browse                                                                                    Video List

music_browse.jpg                                     services.jpg

                 Music Browse                                                                              Services Browse

This theme was developed on/for Firmware 1.04.12.  It has not been fully tested on 1.05.18.  It should work but there maybe a few glitches.  The link to download the theme is below:

Alaska Theme

To install the theme, log into the WDTV Live and upload the downloaded theme under “Appearances”.  It usually takes a few minutes to upload.

Thanks to Joey Smyth, Tinwarble, PyschoTHC, and the others on the Live Hub theme board for all the information they have posted on how to theme and tips on how to things work with in the themes.  If you are looking to modify this theme further, I would highly suggest going over to the theme section for the live hub ( and read/learn as much as you can.  There is a ton of information available there on how to modify themes and what you can/can’t do with them.  Please read this to try and find your own answers before posting here.  Thanks and enjoy.


no images for any of the screen shots …just the yellow triangle

No images for the screen shots on the live or somewhere else?  II did not add screen shots to the screenshot folder of the theme.  If required they can be added though.

would be nice if you have time

Sorry, I did not realize they were showing as yellow triangles.  They are “waiting approval” from Western Digital before they will show up.  In the mean time, I’ve uploaded the screenshots to a zip file.  The url is provided below.



Must say this is fantastic :slight_smile:

installed it on latest SMP firmware :slight_smile: all good! changed the backgrounc to a custom one just for personal preference

Thank you!! What moviesheets work with this theme?

Looks awesome, thanks for your efforts.  I especially like the new home screen with the centred ‘tabs’ instead of the ones across the bottom.

I noticed a couple of small bugs, I’m on Fw 1.04.12

  1.  The clock on the home screen is positioned so that most of the last digit does not show.

  2.  In the video view mode with 3 rows x 8 columns, the cursor highlight does not show when selecting movies on the third row.  Also, when selecting the last movie on the second row, both that and the movie below are highlighted.

Apart from that, the theme looks schmick!



Wow, this is a great looking theme, a huge thanks for creating it.

I notice though that when you are in videos (probably other but not checked as I do not use any of the others) and press down to get to the shortcut/dashboard that you cannot scroll left or right to choose favourites/new items/queue etc (well I can’t anyway)

I hope that makes sense.

Brilliant work.


Thanks for the input.  I think the clock not showing has to do with overscan.  I know on my tv I had to adjust the screen size to 95% to get everything to show.  I can adjust the clock though so it will show with overscan.

On your second item, I noticed that as well for the large video browse.  Will go in and adjust the xml to fix this.  

Thanks for the input & glad you enjoy it.


I set up this theme not to use movie sheets because when I’ve used them in the past they tended not to work for me.  You should be able to use the default images & text the Live Streaming finds during its scans to get the images & text shown in the screen shots. 


I’ll have to look into this.  This is not a feature I’ve typically used before so I’m not how this is suppose to typically work.

Thanks for taking a look, typically if you press the down arrow on the remote when at the videos screen a new dashboard pops up where you can see things like queue/favourites etc, you can then press down again to get to any files etc that you have added to a queue or favourite. If you highlight any of the menu items (queue or favourites etc) the files you have added change but you have to press the left or right arrow buttons to make this happen and this feature appears to not work in your excellent theme.

I am using the latest SMP firmware, it could potentially be working correctly in the previous firmware - maybe someone else can check that out and add their findings to this thread.

Hi there !

Sorry but i don’t understand how to install the theme ! Log in into WD Live from where? From my mac ? When i Log In I don’t have any direction !

Thanks in advance !


Ok great I understand !

Is there any way to install the AEonish WDTV Live HUB theme on the WDTV Live Streaming?

That’s a great questions. I’d also like to know. I could have sworn that I read that people were using it…but when you go to the thread, this is what it says…


(This Theme is designed for the Western Digital Live Hub Media Player)

You can certainly do it, especially for the home screen, but would require you to modify a couple of xml files and add a few graphics to make it compatible w/ the Live Streaming.  The xml you would need to modify for the home screen would be the rv_home.xml & the inc_rv_home_menu_node.xml.  Both of these files can be found in the theme I posted.  I would look at these two files & their associated images of the theme you are wanting to replicate to figure out the changes that need to be made.


(This Theme is designed for the Western Digital Live Hub Media Player)

The above ‘Statement’ means … I wrote it for the Live Hub, I do not own an SMP and therefore i can not provide any

Help, Assistance or “Support” for it’s operation or compatability on another device which i dont own.

It does not say ‘It wont work’  if it didnt “work” i would have stated that fact.

Maybe i should change the statement to “Written for the Live Hub, happy to Answer Live Hub related Questions.”


It is possible, but as Joey mentions, not supported. If you’re still interested in giving it a go, knowing the dev doesn’t own an SMP, or have any way of supporting your problems (which IMO is more than fair enough) -  go here: (and page 65). There are some instructions of people having tried it there. 

I’ve tried it and it works for the most part. I can’t get the backgrounds and thumbnails to work correctly in certain views. Other than that, it seems fully functional to me.

Sorry for the interruption, back to Alaska theme. It looks awesome by the way, and I’m looking forward to giving it a go on my SMP.

The theme on the first page of this topic has been updated.  The only change from the previous theme posted was to correct a bug with the large video browse page.  If instead of downloading the updated theme you would just like to update for this change, the link below provides the updated:


The file you download is a single xml file.  Just add this file to the zip file you already downloaded & update the theme via the web WDTV Live “appearances”.