Haris Alaska Mix Theme (WDTV Live Smp)

hello Friends,

This theme is a re-work based off the Black Mamba Hub Theme,  Darklight Theme,Mochi Alaska Icon Menu Revisited Theme and Aeonish Hub Rev2.2.07.17. Thank you DeVicious, Tinwarble and Joey Smith for the great themes. All Credits are go to these guys. I will upload the theme soon.

This Is a movie sheet theme


 i hope you guys like this theme


here is the link


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Thanks for your work.  However, I’m not seeing your images.

 Is it my pilot error?

@ shasile

Images uploaded to Western Digital servers are “Subject to Approval”

meaning … you wont see them for at least 12 -24 hours until they are “Approved”

Using “External Image Hosts”  eg.Photobucket you will see them Instantly.

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Sorry guys Images are still waiting for approval

As Joey stated, you should post the pics somewhere else like Flickr or photobucket and post the link here because no one will be able to see them until they are approved and since this is a holiday weekend they probably won’t be approved until Tue. now.

Could you give us a link to download this theme?

Edit: sorry, didn’t read that you will upload the theme soon. It sounds really great. I have mixed the original theme with the Alaska theme, I am curious what you have created with the different themes.

Is this theme using joeys trick for the gallery view to display the moviesheets or does it have the 1-2 sec delay?

Where you read about this trick for no delay in gallery view ?

it still has the 2 seconds delay.

I didn’t know about joey’s trick. where can i find it and how to do that?

The Aeonish Hub *Trick* does not use the standard default behaviour for displaying “Moviesheets” (eg. The Backdrop and the Thumbnail are the same one image)

harisj16’s Theme is using the Standard Default Behaviour , thus a 2-3 second delay and Gallery View is the only view that supports Moviesheets.

Looking great, when can we download the theme?

may be friday. i have to do little changes

Thanks! Looking forward to it.

OK guys

Download link is added

I Hope you guys like it

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Great work on your theme, it’s very nice.

What template should we be using in Thumbgen to get it to look like your screen shots?

I use Brightly Dark Sheet template. And use BlackMamba’s ThumbGen settings

Thanks again. Is that one of the standard WD templates or is it on here  somewhere?

Thanks, I will try it, just donloaded it. Too bad I don’t have time now, but I will test it tomorrow and let you know.

no. you can find the template here


Brilliant, thanks very much for that.

The more I’m playing around and seeing other people’s designs, the more I notice the frustrations at certain aspects of putting a theme together. For example, the background takes 2-3 seconds to get displayed, which if you’re using a moviesheet theme, is a tad annoying. 

 Edit - I wanted to ask a question about thumbnail size on the gallery view. Is it possible to change the size to make them a bit smaller?