Yukon theme for WD TV Live Streaming

I really liked the Alaska_1 theme provided by desertwedge from the first view on. Just some images haven’t been my taste. So I decided a couple of days ago to pimp the skin to fit my taste. Well, and I’d like to share the result with you guys. Maybe the one or the other likes it, too.

I have tested this on a WDTV Live Streaming box (Gen3) with 1.06. FW.

Feedback, escpecially the “well done” ones :wink: are highly welcome.

Here a couple of screenshots. 

screenshot_00.jpg  screenshot_01.jpg 

                    Home Screen                                             Dashboard

screenshot_03.jpg   screenshot_04.jpg 

           Video Browse                                               Music Browse


            Music now playing

Here is the Link:   Yukon

Have fun



screenshots not showing :confounded:

According to the community help the images need to be approved by the admin.






Looks good!  Not sure if my wife would be down with the music icon, but I like it.

Well, and I knew that this kind of comment would come :slight_smile: Therefore I have another choice as well. will is post the next days.

So, here they come, the family friendly images. Just copy the 3 images into the images folder of Yukon.zip

Family Images