Titan Live *new theme* in development

Hi all,

I am currently working on a new theme… here is a bit of background as to how it came about…

My WD TV Live days started with the Gen 2 which was modded with custom firmware, I really hated having to use third party software to generate moviesheets etc. I made some themes with that machine but updating was annoying with the the custom stuff.

I decided I was going to build a Home Theater PC and was going to use MediaPortal as the running software using the AWESOME Titan theme…I Love this theme. Then I thought before I go and do this I would give the WD TV Live Streaming a go, and to my surprise it blew me away… So deciding to go with the WD TV I was pretty sad about not having my Titan skin :(…So that’s where this theme comes in… I decided to bring the Titan to The WD so…

I should mention that I do not know xml and simply edit an existing theme and work with the images of course… The theme I started with was the fantastic Alaska theme by JoeySmyth and the edited images are from MediaPortals Titan.

So thanks to JoeySmyth for starting me off and thanks to the Titan team for there awesome work.

Here are some screenshots of the Titan Live theme.

Home Screen

Gallery View



Settings/About/Device Info

I still have a lot of work to do and as mentioned have minimal experience with xml code so for its very slow and time consuming… 0 points from the partner!!!.. I am currently having some trouble with certain things I want to do but I am getting assistance from JoeySmyth which is great of him to help me out where he can… so please be patient as its quite some time away to be released.


very nice, cant wait

Looks good. I like the way you have the system setup menus positioned. I lean to dark background light text as that’s my preference and goto on just about everything. Easier on the eyes especially at night or long periods.

any update on when the theme will be ready??

I cant give a time at this stage but I can say that its been full steam ahead and is moving along nicely.

Just my 2 cents …

Creating a “Theme” is very time consuming … many many hours/days to get things looking the way you want.

Take your time dribbler … it’s looking very good  :smiley:

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Hey dribbler, I can’t wait for you to finish.  I REALLY like the Titan theme.  

Good luck!

Hi all,

Thanks for the comments and encouragement.

I thought I should give you all an update on where I am currently at with this theme

Home screen… complete… but needs tweaking

Gallery view… complete

preview view… complete

7x2 thumb view… complete

7 large thumb view…complete

list view…complete… this screen is for movies, music and photos

option screen…complete

view back drop photos…complete

view info screen…complete

playing movies on screen display… complete

home screen rss… complete

setup entry screen… complete… will work on the setup entry screen further

setup about … complete… for WiFi still need to make wired screen

dashboard…  complete

music play screen… currently working on

photo view screen… still not started

playing movies option… still not started

pop up osd’s… complete

Hope this helps you guys that are wondering about this theme.


I forgot to mention.

girlfriend… cant wait for it to be finished so I get off the computer lol

Any news on this nice theme…thanks

Hi Theodor,

Nice to know there is some interest… I was actually considering not uploading this theme to be totally honest just for the fact that I wasn’t sure if it was worth uploading due to lack of interest.

Anyway to answer your question It is almost complete… I was delayed by making some changes to the thumb views (didn’t like how it looked)

most screens are now complete and I need to iron out a few loose ends.

For now I will put up some screen shots.



Screenshots are not working , but thanks anyway…

Ow very nice , screenshots working now…

Hope to test the them soon thanks

Wow, looks really great. Can’t wait testing it…

please upload it. This is an awesome theme. I really want to test this out. it looks amazing

Yep waiting for it:smiley:

Guys I’m not far from uploading this… I ask for a bit more patience… I am currently trying to find each setup screen which is not only a drainer but very very time consuming… as you can imagine the screens go very deep and locating the xml files for each screen is not easy… so much so I don’t even think I will find them all as it depends on wired or wireless or if connection is successful or fails… all different screens.

As I said you guys may stumble across a screen that I was unaware about but I am trying to cover them all :confounded:

Hello, i’m very surprise for the accurancy of your job.

This theme is fantastic but…please can you change the standard icon for view, source etc…?

They clash with the context.

Thank’z  for this hard work :):):slight_smile:

ValeVale wrote:

Hello, i’m very surprise for the accurancy of your job.



This theme is fantastic but…please can you change the standard icon for view, source etc…?


They clash with the context.


Thank’z  for this hard work :):):slight_smile:

Hi… are you talking about the sort & filter, select content, change view and dashboard icons?

If so I cant see the clashing your talking about… sorry.

Looks really awsome cant wait.