WD TV Live & Windows 10 Shares

Hello all!

I have a machine running Windows 10 Build 10240. I have file sharing turned on in this PC and can see and access the shares just fine on  another computer. However, my WD TV Live Streaming player does not see the Windows 10 computer at all. It finds the other two computers in my house but not this one. The WD is on the latest firmware.

I’ve tried a few things but am at a loss for why the Windows 10 system doesn’t show up on the WD TV.

Note: The Windows 10 PC *can* see the WD TV player and even lets me Cast videos to it.

Any help?



Hi and welcome to the WD community.

This Operating system still is not supported by WD on this device as of yet, however lets see if another user with a windows 10 computer can share some tips and information for you on this matter.

Ive been using windows 10 with WD Live TV for quite some time and below is my observations

Connected by Lan Cable

Browse \WDLIVE TV or IP\ or Map it will sort your issue

Sample \\ 0r \MyCloud\

Connected by Wifi

In some case the above solution works, if not use Lan Cable instead and it works (not sure why this happen)

From windows 8.1 to 10 most of build i find there is issue connecting to shares using wifi connections even though you can

see the wd live tv icon 

Hope it helps

I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 yesterday. I tried to connect to Windows Shares tonight and it kept asking for a password. I had to make this change:

Click the start button and type in “advanced sharing settings”

Click Enter

Open the All Networks section

Turn off password protected sharing

Click Save Changes

Reboot the WD TV Live

Everything is working OK again

Note: I have a wired network

Thanks for the replies.

My issue is that the Windows 10 system simply does not show up on the WD TV box at all. It doesn’t even appear for me to try to log into it, etc… Yet I can see W10 from other devices.


Were you able to find a solution?   I have the same problem.  However, I downgraded back to windows 7 and neither by WD TV or hub will see it back on 7.  They see the other windows PC.  I did a reset on the hub after recreating the share too…

No, sadly I have not found a soluton as of yet. :frowning:


I upgraded to windows 10 2 days ago and today I found that I cannot access my share folders from WDTV Live player via network cable… and reading this I simply gave up waiting for some update, but then I thought maybe windows 10 just resets the network settings to default, and I went to Advanced sharing settings and there the problem was. All the network settings were reset to its default…among them the last appearance under All Networks option to turn off password protected sharing, it was on and it has to be off…and now everything works as it was before I can acces my shared folders from WDTV live. Hope this helped :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually that’s a different issue. This thread is about the Windows 10 PC not even showing up, not just troubles accessing shares or logging in.

Glad yours is working, though. Lol

Hi, I too upgraded and currently my WDTV box is not finding the media files stored on my PC - it displays ‘network not found’ - ,like you i went in and switched off the password (which was all i had to do with W 8.1) yet makes no diffrence - sorry my question is -  was this password the only tweak you made?

I can 'cast off 'films to the player no problem - but fails to show the full libary on player. Video folder is set to advanced sharing. Any ideas - thanks

Please help, I cannot get Windows shares to work after upgrading to Windows 10. When I search for my PC on the WDTV Live it just spins and never shows my computer. I have read every thread and YouTube video, tried everything but no luck. Mediastreaming works fine just nothing for windows shares.

I have updated firmware on network adapter

Factory Reset Linksys EA3200 router

Disabled all sharing, quit workgroup and then set up again.

Open ports 137-139 on router

disabled Norton firewall

I probably have it more srewed up then before.

I have the excatly same problem on my WD TV box.

I can acces my windows10 PC from the WD TV but the only folder I can see is named “USERS” and none of my shared folders can be seen.

Will there be a fix for this soon or should I be looking to buy other products?

In File Explorer, choose the folder you want to share and right-click it, choose “share with specific people”. The word “everyone” should be in the bottom window. If not, use drop-down box and select “everyone”, then press “add”.

In settings, Network & Internet, Change Advanced Network Options, All Networks:

Turn off Password

In Media Streaming / Choose Media Streaming Options

WDTVLive Allowed

I thought I fixed it but the issue came back…

There seems to be a mix of issues coming into this thread, confusing matters.

If you can NOT see your Windows 10 PC  your WD TV Live AT ALL, then that is the on topic issue that doesn’t seem to have a resolution as of yet…

If you CAN see your Windows 10 PC on your WD TV Live but are having specific issues with what you’ve shared then the solutions to that do NOT solve the original issue.

Yes my issue is I can’t see my PC at all when trying to do Windows Shares in the WDTV (streaming works fine). Also on my PC I can go to devices and see the WDTV but in CMD prompt I don’t see it.

C:\Users\Kelly Koch>net view

Server Name Remark

\LINKSYSROUTER Samba 3.0.28a
The command completed successfully.

C:\Users\Kelly Koch>nbtstat -a \kellykoch-pc

Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []

Host not found.

I’m thinking of trying the WDLXTV to see if it changes anything!

Thanks for your input… it worked for me too…

It was all about resetting the settings… and unchecking the password requirement

I’ve installed and uninstalled Windows 10 many times before I found this… and it worked the first time !!!

I have no problem with WDTV and Windows 10…EXCEPT…I have a lot of drives with different things I like to watch, no media library since I have so many shows on so many drives and quite disorganized, this was never a problem…Windows 7 listed all drives and we always scrolled the drives better than netflix but NOW only 7 drives show up,  Every night WAS a night of pure television satisfaction entertainment enjoyment. 

No matter what I tried by reading this forum works, some drives absolutely will not appear on WDTV with WIN 10 on my server through WiFi.  So I have to sit here with a laptop and copy what we want to a drive that does display.  annoying.    I have tried every setting in properties, shares, security, compared visible drives with hidden drives and all settings are identical.  some drives just do not appear. 

on WiFi on my laptop (Win 7), I can see all my drives on my server. access, copy, delete etc.  but not so on WDTV.  

AGAIN… never had a problem like this on WIN 7 from my TV server on WiFi.   Sure hope you can fix this soon…

patiently waiting and watching from the drives that actually ARE VISIBLE to WDTV on WiFi and WIN 10 (Please dont suggest a LAN cable, too much clutter and TOO FAR FROM THE TV)

I finally got fed up with Windows 10 and did a clean re-install back to Windows 7 but I still could not get Windows shares to work. I broke down and bought a new router and now everything works???

Should I try Windows 10 again???

ktkoch wrote:

I finally got fed up with Windows 10 and did a clean re-install back to Windows 7 but I still could not get Windows shares to work. I broke down and bought a new router and now everything works???


Should I try Windows 10 again???

only if you’re a glutton for punishment  :smileyvery-happy:

i’m joking  :smiley:  … sure, give it a try and see how it goes  :neutral_face: