WD TV Live Upgraded to 1.06.15 no longer detects 4tb mybook drive


I have a WD TV Live for just under a year and it’s been happily working with a 4tb mybook (NTFS) drive that is about 4/5 full - was asked to update the firmware from (i think it was 1.05 something) last ngiht and on restarting it no longer detects the drive (the drive is fine I tested it on my PC) - is there a fix for this? seems odd not to test a WD product with other WD ones(!)



I have the same problem…

Same problem with my usb drive …

The same problem with my 1TB MyBook WD drive. Not enough tested FW.

Doesn’t detect my Samsung story 2TB either.

EDIT: Just downgrade to 1.04.22  and it works again.

Where do you get the older firmware? I upgraded today without looking and now, using Tversity it can’t see any media…I really wish they did some type of testing before they made these firmware updates, They already bricked one of my units before, which they did replace but this is getting too stupid…

The fix for the Tversity problem has been posted several times. If you follow the instructions on the following link you will find out how to restore Tversity functionality to the original Tversity profile for the WD TV Live/+.


Reverted back to 1.05.04v and everything is working again…Thanks alot WD…not really


DO NOT USE  the rollback software from the link above. Use the official rollback firmware from this link- http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5800

It is not exactly a secret about these official rollback versions. Been posted all over these forums.

I only have a standard wd tv live (no HD) - will the same firmware work or is there another location?



srb24 wrote:

I only have a standard wd tv live (no HD) - will the same firmware work or is there another location?


The _V versions are for the Live; the _B versions are for the Live Plus.

I resolve the problem by downgrade to 1.05.04 until the next update, this 1.06.15 is not working for me.

I have done the same; though downgrading was not without troubles. First, also USB key with the previous FW was not detected! I will be very careful with upgrading in the future; it is not a good reference for the WD.

Same here. Had 2 issues

1/ Unable to detect WD 500GB drive & Seagate 3TB drive

2/ When the drives were plugged in, everything was sluggish for a couple of mins and then nothing happened

Tested USB Flash Drives 256MB and 16GB no issues. Used the official rollback firmware to roll back to 1.05

Will wait for the next update

The same here.

WD MyPassport 1Tb is not recognized anymore.

Revert back to 1.04

My 6 TB WD My Book can no longer be detected.


Can anyone of you suggest me what should I do,

After this upgrade the media player is not detecting hard disk , that is one thing, the computer is also not reading the hard disk. It shows the disk in My Computer, but does not read it. Earlier it was working fine, I upgraded the media player with same hard disk, later when thought to downgrade, the hard disk is not being read by computer.

Please help…


WD TV Live still not recognising 3TB despite downgrading firmware to 1.05.04_V.

WD what gives!!

It did the same for me 2TB WD hard drive my book does not see it, I did the USB to go back but I can not find in the setting New Firmware Found icon, how can down grade it to 1.05 v  I just spend 4 hours on this drive me mad