Anyone knows if WD care?

8 of my friends have the WD media player live - and after the upgrade everyone has the same problem.

The player  cant detect the harddisk anymore. You have to unplug/plug the USB severel times and remove the power 3-4 times before you can be lucky to get it to work. But after you turn power off - the same **bleep** next day when turning it on.

This reelease **bleep** big time and it seems no one in WD cares. The dont say anythin. Are the working to fix the problem or not?   

I can see a lot in this forum having the same problem…WD …you need to replay!

I think we are all waiting since 2 Weeks now for a fixed better Firmware compared to that messy last public 1.4.31 V release and nothing happens neither we get Info so dunno if they care.

I do not even get Feedback from the real Support to my E-Mails/Tickets i wrote like 4 weeks ago.

But they sent me 2 Forms of Quality Feedback instead which i enjoyed to fill.


If you look at this:

As you can see, WD has answered several times to some of the issues posted. If you post your situation in here, WD can see it, even if they do not reply to it.

We haven’t seen this issue in our testing. To help us reproduce this issue in our lab, can you please provide the following information:

-Drive model

-Drive Part Number (P/N)

-Drive format information (MBR? GPT? NTFS? HFS+?)

-Roughly how many files do you have on the drive? Hundreds? Thousands? Are they large files? Small files? A mix?

-What operating system do you use to put files on the drive? Win 7? Vista? XP? OS X?
-Do you have any other USB devices plugged into your WDTV, such as a wifi dongle or USB keyboard?


Drive model: WD 1,5 TB elements  2010G 



FILES: 296 FOLDERS  (600 files)    Files: 5 files of 20GB. 200 between 4,3 and 7GB and some 1200 mb to 700 mb. some pictures (about 300 ) between 1 mb down to  50 kb.

I am using windows 7 - and I have a wifi dongle plugged into the wd media player.  

My friends (who have the same problems) configuration looks like mine - but some dont have the wifi dongle.

I have never had any problems like this before. The latest firmware is the only one i have had this issue with. 

Powercycling the media player should allow the USB device to work again.  If it does not, let me know what you are seeing.

I had a similar problem with one of my drives not being recognized by the WDTV.

I plugged the drive into my computer, deleted all the folders: (Show hidden folders)



System Volume Information


Don’t know if I needed to delete all those, but when I plugged the drive back in it re-indexed it and has worked ever since.

Good luck.

I had this problem too. I need to remove power cord of WDTV to see a HD back again.

If you eject a USB HD you can´t start without remove power cord.


 I don´t know if this is the answer for you, but for me correct the problem. After you load a new firmare try to restore to default configuration (Factory Default). After I did this WDTV works great again.

I really wish WD would automatically reset the device when “new firmware found, update?” is answered with yes (of  course after a warning that all settings will be deleted).  Apparently lots of issues don’t even pop up when the player has been reset to defaults prior to an update.

After I upgrade the firmware my wdtv still whith last configuration, for example, language in português, HDMI with 12 bit color. Only when I reset to factory default all configuration will be lost.

My IOMEGA HD 1TB work fine after I reset to factory default.