Latest firmaware update have a bug - troubles finding harddisk

After installing the latest update on my WD media player Live it has problems finding my wd elements harddisk of 1,5TB. Some of my friends have the same problem (same player and same harddisk as me). Has to shut off several times and disconect/connect the wire severel times to get it to work. But after turning the player off - it somtimes back to start whit the process before wd media player live can see the harddisk.  :-(  

Same problem here… I am actually glad that I’m not the only one (thought my player was faulty). Hope it will be fixed in the next firmware (as soon as possible).

Same problem too with WD Elements 1.5T . Waiting new firmware…

We haven’t seen this issue in our testing. To help us reproduce this issue in our lab, can you please provide the following information:

-Drive model

-Drive Part Number (P/N)

-Drive format information (MBR? GPT? NTFS? HFS+?)

-Roughly how many files do you have on the drive? Hundreds? Thousands? Are they large files? Small files? A mix?

-What operating system do you use to put files on the drive? Win 7? Vista? XP? OS X?
-Do you have any other USB devices plugged into your WDTV, such as a wifi dongle or USB keyboard?


Drive model: WD 1,5 TB elements  2010G 



FILES: 296 FOLDERS  (600 files)    Files: 5 files of 20GB. 200 between 4,3 and 7GB and some 1200 mb to 700 mb. some pictures (about 300 ) between 1 mb down to  50 kb.

I am using windows 7 - and I have a wifi dongle plugged into the wd media player.  

My friends (who have the same problems) configuration looks like mine - but some dont have the wifi dongle.

I have never had any problems like this before. The latest firmware is the only one i have had this issue with. 

We are currently looking into this issue.  Powercycling your media player should allow the use of your USB device.

Try to restore to factory default in configuration menu. Resolved for me.


I had to roll back to firmware 1.04.22V  and now everything works fine again.



I didn’t rollback… still waiting for the next firmware. My HDD is a Samsung G2 320G. 

I have to unplug the player each time after I put it on standby.

Switching the USB port  also works (I still have to unplug the wdtv after using the second usb port).

Hope it will be fixed in the next firmware.