WD HD media player (gen.2) with WD Elements Portable?

 have been happy with WD HD media player (gen.2, WDBABF0000NBK) with several USB thumb drives.

Recently I bought WD Elements Portable (WDBABV6400ABK-NESN) to increase storage space, but found out that that specific unit is not among those supported by WD, even if it is WD.

I found the list of supported external HDD and most of them are quite old and hard to find or rather expensive.

I’ve called WD supporting center, but they basically couldn’t help that much.

I found one info. on Knowledge Base regarding Elements Desktop basically suggesting formatting, tried quick format, still not recognized.

Anyone has any idea what to try now?

Many thanks in advance.



What’s the size of the Elements drive?

It is 640GB, but the problem is now resolved after installing B-RAD firmware.

Thanks for response though.

I have a similar problem, I have a WD TV HD Media player

Model:   WD00AVP

Firmware:   1.02.07

I have it attached to a WD Elements 1TB External hard drive, It seems to freeze and take 4-5 minutes to change screens, Does anyone know if theElements hard drive is compatable with my player?

Thanks Alan