BUG: v1.01.11 - USB stops working

For some odd reason, USB drive connectivity would stop working on WD HD TV Live.  The USB light would no longer turn on, but the portal drive is powered-up but without access.  I would try several USB Drives and they would all not work anymore.

I would have to do a factory restore for it to work again.  All the drives are Western Digital Passports.  I have two WD HD TV Live and it’s happening on both.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I’ve run into the same problem. I’ve had my player for less than a week. Worked fine until today, when it suddenly just stopped recognizing my USB portable hard drive (Memorex UltraTravelDrive, 150GB) in either port. I found it would start seeing it again only after I reset the device to factory settings.

I tried a different hard drive and I tried switching out the USB cable and neither made a difference, so it’s clearly an issue with the player. Eventually, I figured out that it was being caused by one particular AVI file on the hard drive, which I assume was somehow corrupted (though it played fine on my computer). Every time I tried to play it on WDTV, it would freeze and I’d have to power off the player. When I powered it back on, it wouldn’t recognize any drive until I did a reset.

Any thoughts? I’m using 1.0.11 firmware, as well.

just throwing this out there - i was having similar issues randomly with my WD TV Live.

It seemed that a simple power cycle fixed things (unplug unit from wall for 20-30 secs.)

The Live unit behaves strangley for me sometimes (USB not working, no picture upon powering on, etc.) and a power cycle usually fixes.

Hopefully a firmware fix is on the way. (find myself saying that about more things everyday)

I had exactly the same issue and have only found that a power cycle fixes it.

It isn’t consistent when it happens, and my drive when not recognised by the WD can be unplugged, plugged straight into a PC and it works fine.

How do we alert WD engineers to this post and the problem we are having?

I have exactly the same problem with firmware 1.01.24.

Will write a support ticket for this.