WD TV LIVE - Problem with last upgrade or HD External?

Hi to all,

recently i upgrade my amazing WD TV LIVe with last firmware (1.06.43).

Actually my configuration is this:

  • PC linked to WD through Ethernet Cable (no problem with W7 share folder!)
  • HD External Seagate 1TB (USB 2.0) through USB on the back.

I removed any “metadata search” and so on, i’m not interested with cover, trailer, trama, etc…

My problem is: the SW is very very slow and during playing movies there is 1 or 2 freezes…and sometime i need to brutal restart removing cable charger.

Now, i’m testing the situation removing HD link and the menù is more quick but not as with previous FW:

What happend and how can i solve it?

You’re in the wrong forum.

Firmware 1.06.43 (released neary 2 years ago) is for the old 2009 WDTV Live …


This Forum is for the new 2014 WDTV Media Player … Latest Firmware 1.01.30

I’ll get a moderator to move your post to the “Legacy Forum”


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i think i have the last version of WD TV, right this


probably i write wrong version of fw…

otherwise, is the last! (no more update)

Sorry, can’t see the picture … the link is broken

Simple way to see what Firmware you are running … go to “Setup” and select “About”

This will display the Firmware Version …

eg. Older Devices “About” screen looks something like this …

Newer WDTV Devices “About” screen looks like this …

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ok, thank you!

I know where i can find it.

But i’m sure that i have the last version, can you see it?

That’s a WDTV Live Streaming Media Player (2011) … The Latest Firmware is 2.02.32

But, you’re still in the wrong forum …

This Forum is for the WDTV Media Player (Personal Edition 2014) … This Latest Firmware is 1.01.30

Your post belongs in this Forum.


And if you want to Rollback Firmware to the previous one that did’nt goive you troubles … 2.01.86

This is my guide…


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ok! Thank you!

i have to move the post or moderators do it?

In any case, seriusly exist 2014 version? How did you recognize it? :slight_smile:

Lasty wrote:

In any case, seriusly exist 2014 version? How did you recognize it? :slight_smile:

They print Model Numbers on the device … have a look next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the Live Streaming has the word “Live” on the front  (under WD)… the Personal Edition does not (and the Personal Edition has no Netflix)

eg. “Live Streaming”

 “Personal Edition”   (no “Live” text under WD)

Different *Retail* Boxes as well …


“Personal Edition”

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i verified the fw versione. It’s 2.02.32.

About the problem: removing HD external, the situation is better, more quick, no freeze. In this case, there two way:

  1. the new firmware has some problem to manage the external drive.

  2. my hd 1TB has too much files (it includes also my backup…)

what do you think?

What happens if you move your backup into a folder with a leading dot so it becomes invisible for the WDTV?


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Agree Techflaws, it’s not a good idea to have PC data backups on a drive plugged into the WDTV.

It’s gonna try and read and scan them … and slow things down.  

A “.” dot folder … will solve this problem (and hide the files from the WDTV)

Lasty , 1st on you PC enable Show Hidden Files and Folders …


Then you will need to use Command Prompt to create one…

eg. in Win7 … Click Start > Search > type cmd  > at the top under “Programs” click cmd

follow this picture … change “D” to the letter your 1TB is … when done, copy all your PC data into the .backups folder.

ie. type




mkdir .backups


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i will try to change the folder name in “.backup

no probs Lasty ,

The above instructions where how to “create” a *.* folder … but if you want to _ rename _ an existing folder and place a dot in front … you will still need to do it via the cmd … Commanf Prompt.

Here’s how  (example … use ren [short for rename]  your existing folder …  followed by a new name with a dot in front)




ren PCBackUp .PCBackUp


It was easy, no via prompt but i connect del hd to WD. Through network “WDTVLIVE” i select the folder and just rename it (right click-rename).

After that, the folder becomes “trasparent” as the folder  ".wd_tv".

it’s right?