Constant Issue with WDTV Player (Freezing, Slow Loads)

I sincerely hope someone can help me. 

Previously, my WDTV Live player seemed to work flawlessly.  I have an external HDD connected to it to stream movies.

Multiple times a day, my unit freezes.  This can happen at any time.  When moving from folder to folder, file to file, etc.  Often times, I press a button on the remote and it can be 30-40 seconds before it responds.  I have put new batteries in the remote and received the same results.

My unit is in an area where air flow is plentiful and a cool area as well.

I constantly lose connection to my external HDD and need to disconnect power to the player itself as depressing the reset button does nothing, 

Then I often need to disconnect my HDD, plug it into my PC, delete the HDTV folder, reconnect to WD player and wait 10-20 minutes for it to Compile Library and Get Content Info.

Often the player freezes at a black screen with the load arrowl.

Tonight, a file from a flash drive connected to the player would not play, instead it was 10 minutes of the black screen with arrow.

I disconnected the drive, plugged it into my PC and the film plays fine.

I have tried restarting the player and still receive the same results.

Often times it freezes on Netflix as well.  Again, reset does nothing, so I disconnect power which causes my HDD to not show upon restart and on and on…

ANy ideas here?  Is this a bad unit?  I am running the newest firmware.

Try rolling the firmware to a previous version and then install the latest version again.

If you HD is USB 3.0, look at this Rear USB Port