WD TV Live Plus HD NOT regonized by Sony TV

Cut right to the chase.

My Sony XBR X800E will not recognize my WD TV Live Plus HD player.

Here’s what exactly happens. It’s connected by HDMI. (component is not on the player only HDMI) Switch over to input for the player. I plug the WDTV player in. The left light comes on, on the TV screen I see the WDTV Blue logo … the WD player Turns OFF, then the screen goes blank and gives me the info No signal, please connect source. THEN about 5 seconds later, the WDTV Player comes back on. Blue logo on screen. … THEN it goes OFF just like before. This cycle is never ending. Just over, and over, over again. On , off, on off. I can never get to the WD menu. Just the logo screen. Then goes off. Then cycles back on. So the TV is recognizing it, then it disappears.

Now I’ll explain things I’ve tried. I’ve tried ALL 4 HDMI ports on my TV. Same thing on every input. I’ve tried 2 other HDMI cables. All same thing. BTW, they were different cables. Some cheap some expensive, different companies.

I tried hooking my WDTV back to my older Sony TV(about 7 years old). Works perfectly. I hooked my WDTV to my Toshiba (about 10 years old) … works perfectly. So it’s not the player. The player works. The hdmi cables work.

I can hook up all different things to my NEW Sony. Blu-ray, Roku, cable Box. ALL work perfectly. Including the port/input I tried hooking up my WDTV.

Oh, one more thing. I have an original WD player (that black one) component/hdmi hook up. … drum roll. It works on my new Sony hooked up using hdmi. LOL

I can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell is wrong with the “newer” WD PLayer(silver color). not working

More info. My Sony TV is a smart TV. I DON’T have it hooked to the internet in any way. Same thing with my WDTV. I have never used it to stream or hook to the internet. I only use it as a stand alone player to play .AVI .MP4 .MKV .WMV photos , music files, etc… I had it for years. Have brought it to other peoples homes different TV’s.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Here you can check the compatibility for WD TV Live plus HD.

Ok, thanks. But not really sure how that helps with my specific problem.

WDTV has been discontinued for years. No new TV since then would have been tested. How is everyone else still using them then?

Oh, and then there’s the fact that I said my older WDTV player works with my new TV. The “newer” one does not. Makes ZERO sense.

I can’t explain what’s happening … but the first thing i’d double check when connected to your older TV’s

In the System Settings of the WD TV check the Video Output is manually set to HDMI and 1080p

If you have the setting set to HDMI and Auto … maybe either the WD or New TV is getting “confused” (for the lack of a better word) and trying to Auto set a resolution but is not succeeding.

Other thing you could try as a test to see if you can get a picture (any picture) is connecting the WDTV to the New TV via Composite or Component if you still have the cables and the New TV has those connections.

Anyways, it’s a mystery …

I tried changing the HDMI settings. Nothing worked.

So I tried updating the firmware to the last firmware available. Have no idea why, but it works now with my new Sony TV.

P.S. - My old OLD WDTV works with my new Sony. That firmware is from 2009. It’s the craziest thing.