WD TV unable to connect with Sony through HDMI

Hi,  I am locted in New Delhi , India I am now struggling with my second unit of  WD TV Media player.

It is connected to SONY Bravia 3 TV model KLV-40NX500. The composite connection is working fine. However when I try to connect the same through HDMI cable it either gives me a “no signal” or “unsupported signal, check device output” error messages.

I have tried:

  • all 4 available HDMI ports on the TV
  • Changed 3 HDMI cables
  • reseting  the unit.
  • changing the setting to HDMI while connected through composite. (the setting does not stay and moves back to composite)
  • Called WD and they replaced the unit.
  • Connected  the second unit and the same problem persists and have tried all above with the second unit as well.

My question is : Are there known issues while connecting to SONY TV’s and are there any solutions available.

WD TV telephone support does not go beyond the reset advise.

Please help !!! Thanks in advance.

Make sure you upgrade your firmware if you haven’t done so already, both your WDTV and your TV, if FW is available for it.

It sounds to me like your TV is not responding to an EDID data request, or other signals that make the WDTV believe there’s no HDMI connection attached.

Is there ANYTHING in the path between the WDTV and the Sony?  Like a Video Switch or Audio/Video Receiver?

Hi Tony,

Many thanks for your very prompt response.

Both Sony TV and WD TV working on latest firmware.

Today I borrowed a working unit from my friend which was working perfectly with a  Panasonic Vierra TV and conncted it to my Sony TV with the same result. The borrowed unit also was not read by the TV. I feel this is a peculiar Sony issue.

No there is nothing in the path between WD and Sony TV.

Sony TV has an  option to search for  HDMI devices but fails to recognize the WD…

Sounds like the same problem i have with my old Samsung LE32R74BDX

Get mode not Supported whatever the display setting of my V2 box is,

or whatever HDMI cable I’ve tried.

The box used to work ok on my newer le40b650 samsung lcd

but recently even this started getting the same problem !!

Any help please Western Digital  ?



I’m having the same problem with my Sony KLV-EX400. I have a Logitech Z5500 home theater which doesn’t have HDMI inputs, so I’m using optical cable for audio and HDMI with the TV for display. Both AC3 and DTS works fine on the home theater but since the HDMI will carry both digital audio and video signal to the TV and the latter can’t read digital audio signals, it displays an “unsupported audio” message…specially when playing mkv files. I’ve tried to get rid of this error message but in vain. The only solution to that was to downgrade the digital sound to ‘stereo’…which is VERY frustrating. Maybe WD should come up with an option in their new firmware where it would be possible to specify which output to be used specifically for digital audio…HDMI, optical or both. Nitin

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This is my experience:

Bought a WD TV Live player and connected it to my Sony Bravia 3 TV. Nothing happend. Connected all the other cables which started the player. Updated to firmware 1.02.21. Player worked well.

Bought another player to a friend. Connected it to her Sony Bravia 2 TV. This unit worked well with her TV,  connected only with the hdmi cable.

Checked this player with my own Sony Bravia 3. It still worked well connected only with the hdmi cable. Checking quality of pictures I could discover that this “hdmi-player” show better picture quality than the component version.

I have now returned my first player and am waiting for a new one which should work with hdmi.

I now know that WD TV Live player shall work with my Sony Bravia 3 40W5500 with firmware 1.700EA 


RE: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-HD/bd-p/tv_hd

similar issue here: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-HD/No-HDMI-communication-between-HD-TV-2nd-Gen-1-01-79-firmware-and/td-p/85215

Any clue what to do with devices having these problems?

Many thanks for any help!