WD TV Live HD Media Player on a Samsung Smart TV

Non-techie here, so hope someone can help me. I have owned a WD TV Live HD Media Player (firmware version 1.02.21) for years. I may be using the device for unique purposes, but I have spent years building a library of DVD’s and videos on an external hard drive. I have organized these hundreds of video files by subject and other criteria (through the way I have structured the files). I LOVE the user interface, especially the thumbnail previews, which makes it easy for me, or someone who is unfamiliar with the library, browse the contents. This has worked great for me. But recently, I upgraded my TV to a Samsung Smart TV. When connecting the WD device, it doesn’t work. It’s like the TV does not recognize the device, other than to display the WD splash screen. I assume that it might be because the Samsung TV doesn’t recognize the operating system of the user interface??

What can I do to have this media player user interface (or similar) on my TV? I know I can connect the hard drive (via USB) to the TV, and I can actually play most of the files. However the files / folders are displayed in a horrible user interface (or lack of one) format that is hard to use, i.e. only part of the folder/file names are displayed. And it does not let me 'drill down" to many of the sub folders.
Any suggestions?

WD TV Live HD Media Player works on all TVs having HDMI port and USB port. It also work on Samsung Smart TV. As it is showing only WD screen without any data files, you may try to check after reset of WD Media player device.

Thanks for the reply, asp73. I also believed that the media player would work on any TV that has an HDMI port. However, I have tried re-setting the device a number of times and still have the same issue. At first, it tries to set up the smart remote, which I really don’t care to do, but I have also bypassed that step. Also, since my post, I have tried it on another Samsung Smart TV, and could not get it to work on that one, either.
Any additional thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

Non-techie question … how was it hooked up on your old tv ?

was it via Composite Cable ? aka. Yellow, Red, White cable

or HDMI ?

I have always connected the device via HDMI. BTW, I have been able to successfully connect this device to literally dozens of TV’s over the years. I have often taken the device with me when I was traveling and/or visiting family and friends. That gave me easy access to my library of videos, even if I did not have wi/fi.
I have also had another problem arise since the original post. Now when I try to connect the WD device to my “old” TV, I no longer get sound. I have tried all HDMI ports on the TV, and I get picture fine, but no sound. I think I have been through all the settings on both the TV and WD, but have not found anything unusual. It may be that thd HDMI ports are bad, but not sure how to verif that. Any thoughts are appreciated

Have you tried a different HDMI Cable ? … maybe all these problems are the result of a dodgy HDMI cable :confused:

With regard to the Samsung TV … i have had friends connect the WDTV to their Samsung TV’s via HDMI without any issues.

Have you tried connecting a “different” HDMI device eg. DVD or Bluray Player to the Samsung to see if it has the same problem ?

The only other thing i can think of … is, i remember years ago i had an issue with a Samsung TV and found that disabling the… anynet+ …feature fixed the problem.

(anynet+ is HDMI CEC which will try to communicate with other HDMI devices … if the other device is not Samsung, then there can be communication issues.)

Consult the Samsung User Manual or TV Menu Settings and turn the anynet+ feature “off

I have exactly the same problem. Have any solutions appeared?

Yes, get rid of the WDTV and buy something that wasn’t made over 10 Years ago.