Wd tv live hd hdmi problem


I was a happy user of wd tv live media player untill I bought a new Samsung 42 plasma. I always used a hdmi cable with my wd tv live to connect it to my old toshiba 22" lcd tv and it worked fine. Recently i bought a new tv and when I connected wd tv with hdmi to the samsung series 4 plasma 42" it gave me mode not supported error. My first guess was as the tv is not 1080p and is only 1080i i should change the resolution of the wd to 720p or to Auto and see if it works, but it didnt. This was not the end of my problems I took my wd tv and connected back to the old toshiba 22" set and to my surprise now it is giving me the same no support error on that tv too which is annoying as in past wd tv worked absolutely fine with the old tv.

I have literally tried every suggestion on internet and on this board even updated my firmware to lastest 1.03.49V but nothing worked. It works with component and AV but not with hdmi I tried changing resolution with component and then switching to hdmi but that didnt helped either. I also tried hard reset several times but no success.

I would really appreciate if anyone can help.


The HDMI is definitely seated properly?  Some people find that their brand of cable won’t insert all the way into the socket.

You’ve tried a different HDMI cable with the appropriate rating?


Thanks for reply, yea the cable is definitely seated in, I also did tried to cut a couple mm off the edge to insert it further but didnt worked.

I would get couple of other cables tomorrow and try again and will post the result then.



i tried diff cable bt still no luck… getting sick of it nw…

It worked for me after cutting few mm of the rubble molding of the HDMI wire. Since i bought 3 in $5 it was easy to try this out. 


I did tried this too, also I bought an expensive branded cable to see if the local cheap cable is at fault but no luck. My surprise is that the player used to work absolutely fine with my old lcd which I no longer have due to change of apartment.

I am currently using component which is working.


I have the same problem. Can’t believe WD would sell units with such a serious flaw. HDMI meant to be new technology as is WD hub but  have to use composite/component to use…it is pathetic.

Read the forums, tried all using composite and then switching to hdmi, tried cutting cable…couldn’t get any further in unless I shoved it through the front and that is what I feel like doing.

Just hope that if enough people complain WD might get off their arses and fix instead of leaving up to users to find solutions.

I also tried all the solution… bought couple of more hdmi cables and tried cutting the rubber mouldings and all the suggestions posted on any forum but it didnt worked. I also sure its not the TV as I connected it with a laptop with hdmi it works fine also to my surprise even though my tv is 720p hd but it accepted the signal of 1080p too. My point is even the problem was with the resolution output of wd tv and tv compatibility I tried all resolutions with laptop and tv works (does not give clear picture in some resolution but it gives a picture and sound).

I doubt the HDMI standard of the hdmi port in the wd tv live device.


I have practically identical issue as aks99. I own WD TV LIVE for about two months. It worked fine on HDMI with Samsung and Philips TV. Yesterday I connected it to my coleagues LG TV and also worked fine. When I connected it back to my Samsung with the same HDMI cable as before it didn’t work anymore (Mode not supported). Philips is also refusing to work. Tried everything as aks99, also updated FW and no success. Now I’m on component cable and waiting for the FW update or other solution from WD!


The WDTV probably memorized the capabilities of the LG, and neither of your TVs will support the same settings.

Try this.

REMOVE the component cable, plug the HDMI back in.

Power it on.

Wait at least 90 seconds.

Press the RESET button with a paperclip.

What happens?

Thanks for the suggestion mate… but I have already tried this… but this doesnt work too…


I have the exact same problem although the startup screen appears on one of my TV:s via HDMI. Then it turns blank. On my projector nothing comes up at all. Have tried everything. Can’t understand how WD can come up with such a resilient problem…

Hi guys,

I am having the same problem. The hdmi worked perfect until yesterday, starting today is down. I have a Samsung LCD full HD. The latest firmware on the wdlive. tried a coupls of cables and different solutions (e.g. reset and so on…).

This is my 2nd wdlive, the 1st one returned to factory a couple of weeks ago (stopped working after 6 months). I am really pissed off and I think I will go and ask for my money back :frowning:

can this be solved through product update? should I reintall the software? Any ideas are more than welcomed, I do not want to give back the product…

Have you tried putting a cheap HDMI switch box between your TV and the WDTV HD? You can pick them up for a few pounds - probably cheaper than a lot of HDMI cables. These boxes do isolate the input HDMIs from the output, so may solve your problems.


Ray D

Oh, cr*p…

I bought it last week in US and I came back to Brazil, where I live.

I have a Scartlet LG 32" and since I tried to use HDMI never worked.

It’s funny because when you are by component cable and you plug a hdmi cable angdswitch your tv to hdmi source, comes the message “No Signal”, but you go back to component source you can see that the WD TV Live had previously auto configured it to HDMI output, then automatically returns to component output. Because that, I understand the hdmi port on the device is working to send a HDMI signal to the tv; but the image is not coming… =/

I updated to the last fw version, released in oct/10, but got no results.

I was considering to send it back to the store or WD warranty, but now (after reading your comments) I’m starting to think that will be just waste of time.

What do you guys think? Should I send it back to US or just wait hoping the WD will release a new fw version to fix it?


agparekh wrote:

It worked for me after cutting few mm of the rubble molding of the HDMI wire. Since i bought 3 in $5 it was easy to try this out. 

Just one more thing…

we are talking about the WDTV Live, right? mine is wdbaan0000nbk.

I’m asking this because I read a lot about cut the rubber of hdmi cable and agparekh  said it worked for him…

but i want to know if his is same of mine…


Try to reduce the color depth from 12 bit to 8 bit.



I have tried literallly all the suggestions posted on this forum for my problem and still no success. Recently I bought a AV Receiver and thought this might act as a repeater for HDMI and could fix my issue, but the same problem here. This box dont want to work with HDMI at all. I am just frustrated now as I am keeping up with all the updates withuot any solution.



Same problem here. 

First time, the problem happened on the 3rd day of usage on my  Panasonic 37" LED Full HD. As I lost image thru HDMI port, I went to my parents home and tried both TV’s (Samsumg 32 Full HD and Sony HD), none of them worked via HDMI but worked fne with other outputs (even in 1080i at 60 Hz), so I came back home and tried that at hoem, which worked fne also. I returned first equipment and got a newer one (used my warranty). Had exactly the same problem and went to technical service and the diagnostic was “problem with HDMI output, so it should be exchanged for a newer one”. All was normal till somebody said “hey,that’s second time in a month this client has the same problem…now they are saying they have no stock to return it and that’s too weird it has happened twice”…

I still have 2 months guarantee left, but I’m sure when I get the second replacement, I’ll have the problem again and they won’t allowed me mre retuns.

Any from WD can say something about thi problem ? 

THanks and greetings from Chile !