WD TV Live Plus - do not give up -here's the solution

I have had the WD TV Live Plus since 2011 and have been at wits end with hard drives that are no longer recognized. I found the problem —really! Initially when I started with the WD TV Live Plus at was the time for Windows 7. The hard drives were from that era…initialized and formatted on my Windows 7 PC. I am currently running Windows 10. I recently rebuilt one of my original harddrives by initializing and formatting with Windows 10. Since then that harddrive was useless on WD TV Live Plus. I tried all the recommendations that have been published. Quess what…using an older computer running Windows 7, I initialized and formatted the harddrive and lo and behold it works perfectly on WD TV Live Plus. No problem loading files and no problem setting it up as a network drive.
I was getting ready to junk the WD TV Live Plus and it has come back to being useful again.
If this works for you, let me have some kudos. By the way, do not transfer files to the harddrive by disconnecting from the WD TV Live Plus unit and connecting directly to a Windows 10 PC - you will mess up the drive. All transfers from a Windows 10 PC must go through your network via your LAN.

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