WD TV Live - Seagate Back up plus

With Win 10 having problems seeing the network, I am now just attaching an external hd to the WD Live unit. However there is a problem, older Seagate Ex drives have no problem being seen by the WD unit as a local drive, however the newer Backup plus drives by Seagate are not registering with the WD unit as a local drive.

What I don’t understand is when the Win 10 network was working with the WD unit it had no problem seeing the Seagate Backup Plus unit.

Anyone no why? Is there a way to resolve this?


Dave B.

Just to add both drives are 3TB. I did see another post regarding the WD units only working with 2TB external drives. Well my WD unit does work with the older Seagate Back up plus 3TB drives, but does not work with Seagate’s latest Back up plus desk 3TB?