Networking Laptop wirelessly to a hard drive connected to WDTV Live Plus doesn't work any longer

Hi, I have my WD TV Live Plus connected to my router/access point via ethernet cable. I have a 2TB Hard Drive connected to one of the 2 USB connections on the WD TV Live Plus. I was able to use my laptop to wirelessly  transfer video/movie files to the 2TB Drive. The WD TV Live Plus as well as my laptop would show up in windows explorer under “Network”. I could then expand the “Network” in the left side window of windows explorer and my WD TV Live Plus would be listed. I would then click on the WD TV Live Plus to expand it and then my 2TB Hard Drive would be listed. After clicking on the hard drive the contents of the hard drive would show up in the right side section of windows explorer. I could then wirelessly  make changes to the contents of my 2TB drive i.e. delete files, transfer files in or out, rename files. Out of the blue today I found that I could no longer see the 2TB drive in windows explorer. Everything was working great before today. I really do not want to have to go buy a wireless adapter for my WD TV Live Plus.

I didn’t make any changes to my system or my laptop. I dd notice that there is a new preview window that shows up when looking thru my laptop shared files as well as the files on the 2TB drive. If that is the result of a firmware update, I didn’t see anything tellng me of it.

If anyone knows anything I can do to make things work like they did before this change, I would be very very thankful.



Try resetting the unit, also eject the drive and reconnected. As a last resort you can try defrag on the portable drive. I run into this post with similar issues like you and looks like defrag helped with the issue. The post is here for more info

Try rebooting the PC.

I’ve had my WDTV disappear from the network on my Win7 box.  It was still visible from my win2k box, and I could still access the attached drives from the win2k box, but nothing on the Win7.  The WDTV Live didn’t show up as an attached computer on the network anymore on the Win7 PC, but it was still available as a “Play To” device.

When Win 7 has “lost” the WDTV like that, rebooting the Win7 PC gets the WDTV visible again.