New Shared Drive wont show on WDTV Live

Hello all,

I’ve recently added a new Hard Drive to my PC for extra capacity. The new drive works fine, and I have the file sharing turned on. I can view/share with all these drives using my portable laptop just fine so networking doesn’t seem a problem.

But unfortunatly my WDTV Live is not recognising the new Hard Drive, it will still see the two previous ones but not the new one. I don’t know if this has something to do with the fact that its a NAS drive or something else?

I’ve rebooted my computer and the WDTV, Cleared saved network share login, Cleared Media Library…

Any ideas?

Shared drives:
Hitachi (2TB Drive) - Connected via SATA
Seagate FreeAgent (1TB Drive) - Connected via USB
WD Red - NAS (4TB Drive) - Connected via SATA

Thanks in advance!


Take a look at this link. Hope it helps.

How to share a folder in Windows that can be viewed with the WD TV Live, Live Streaming, Live Hub, or Live Plus 

I’ve resolved this issue. Here are the details for future reference.

The problem was of “Security”, I had to add the User “Everyone” and give it full access to the new drive. This had been done on the other drives aswell, but I forgot to do this step on the new one.