WD TV Live Plus Disconnecting

I’ve seen one or two posts on this but nothing that resolves the issue.  I’m looking for some help.

I’ve got a WD TV Live Plus unit hard wired through an access point which is in turn, hard wired to a router.  Also hardwired are 2 DLNA compliant storage devices.  When playing back video it disconnects after about 30 mins - after reconnecting the same thing repeats.  I have no problem with this setup when using a PS3 - there are no playback disconnects then.  I’ve changed all devices from using DHCP to static IPs - didn’t help.  Any suggestions?

What media server do you use?

I’m having the same issue…  Exactly 30 minuts in, and it says that the content source has been removed and I have to restart the same thing. 

My media is on a Synology DNLA certified NAS, and it was working perfectly up until about two weeks ago and then all of a sudden this started happening… 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, super frustrating to be watching a movie and then all of a sudden it stops working :frowning:

I had to reregister my account, so zzzappp and zzapp are the same person.  :-P  I also didn’t get notification of any replies to my post so I apologize for not having responded sooner.

The media server we are using are 2 Iomega Home Media NAS (a 500GB and a 1TB).  We are using a Thomson TG585 v7 router.  The WD TV Live Plus is hardwired but goes through another hub (Amped Wireless AP).  I set up ‘ping’ windows on the Thomson, Amped Wireless and the actively used Iomega.  There were some lost packets on all 3 windows, but rarely at the same time.  The crappy thing is that when I set up the ping sessions, the WD TV never disconnected (for 2 hours) - even though there were some lost pings.

Since doing this test the problem persists.  It could possibly be our Thomson router.  I never would’ve thought so as we have been playing off of out PS3 without a single problem for over a year.  When we swapped in the WD TV for the PS3 the problems started.  Perhaps WD TV isn’t as tolerant with connection drops?  There are 2 tests I was going to try.  The first was going back to the PS3 and see if there are ping issues and the second was to swap in an older rotuer we’ve got to see if there was any change.  The problem is me finding time to try the different tests.

Any suggestions?

I may have found the problem.  There was an IP conflict between one of media drives and another device on the network.  The media drive was a static IP but the other device was using DHCP.  I had recently disconnected the media drive for a day and then reconnected.  I suspect the DHCP server then reallocated the IP to the other device.  I’ve since made all devices static IPs and, at least so far for 2 hours, have watched video without and disconnection.  Hooray!  Hopefully it continues.

zzapp:   You should not be assigning STATIC IP addresses in the same range that your DHCP server is configured to use.

You should change the “Scope” of your DHCP server to allow plenty of room for static addresses outside that scope.

Everything had been running using DHCP, but I tried static assignment in order to try to resolve these issues.

So I spoke too soon, the problems still exist.

What I did notice that was different between this evening and last evening (when it worked) is that last evening the devices on my network appeared in all caps on WD TV and now they are mixed case.  The other interesting thing is that last evening (when it worked) it asked me to sign in - which I did with an ANON account.  I have never seen that before and that didn’t happen this evening (when it disconnected after about 30 mins).   (And this time there are no IP conflicts).

Mixed case for a NETWORK SHARE server?  That’s a weird symptom.

Windows Server Names *MUST* be in ALL CAPS.   Lower Case is not allowed.

While most computers allow you to ENTER the names in mixed case, they should NEVER be announced on the network in mixed; they must be advertised in ALL CAPS.

If you’re talking MEDIA SERVERs, mixed case IS allowed, but them having been shown in ALL CAPS is then the odd issue.


It is the media servers that are showing in mixed case.  What appears to correlated is that when they were showing on WD TV as all caps things seemed to work fine, but when showing in mixed case (which has been everytime with the exception of last evening) then it has a disconnect problem.  I don’t know how to the two are related.

Edit: Again, when the media servers showed in all caps it also asked me for a login - with a default of ANONYMOUS, whcih I accepted and it worked fine that one time.