Wd tv live dropping media server

I’m troubleshooting why my 2 wd tv live devices will consistantly disconnect/drop after about 25-30 minutes of streaming. It seems to be related to only the wd tv live devices, other devices (tablets, etc) do not drop connection playing the same content. I have tried adjusting router channels and multicast is enabled. I have updated the firmware as well, currently running the lastest. When it does drop connection it is easily recovered by selecting the media server again without rebooting and I can resume from where it disconnected. I stream MP4’s primarily with these devices from a Seagate NAS drive on a Dlink dual band router. Other services like Netflix seem to stream without interuption.

What other settings on the router or wd tv live would cause this to happen. If its firmware then what version could I roll back to that works?


The units started dropping the media server after the firmware update or it was happening as well on the previews firmware?

As a recommendation, reset the units back to factory defaults to eliminate any information of the previews firmware.

Having similar problem. Reseting the device back to factory default didn’t work as well. At least you get to stream 25-30 mins. Mine only last to a max of 8 mins.

And no, this problem did not occur before I updated the latest firmware. Urgent help needed.

BTW, are you streaming from the internet or your local network storage?

Mine does the same…drops connection after 30 min, I am streaming from a local source. This did not happen before the update. All other devices are not having this issue so I am pretty sure its my WD TV Live. Luckly its easy to reconnect but this should not be happening!

How to fix?

I’m not too sure myself, I will try to go back to the previous firmware and throw this new firmware into the bin if I can manage. Wish me luck. If I succeed, I will let you know.

It seems like the problem is being solved as I have yet to fac the same problem so far.

I was away for the weekend and I switched off the power to all the connections, routers, switch hub, hard disk, PC, player, etc. When I came back and turned everything back on, I just had to reselect the source and there you have it, uninterupted screening …

Don’t know how to reason why it’s like this, maybe the player just need some time to adjust to the newly updated firmware or something, some time for it to adapt to new firmware :slight_smile: