WD TV Live media player disconnecting from media server


I recently purchased a WD Live TV Media player (I know is old but it seemd the easiest thing for me) and hardwired it to my network via my hub 3 virgin router. I also have a Netgear Stora NAS which I am using as a media server and is also hardwired into the router. It appeared to work fine until I played media which was more than 30 mins long! My problem is, it only see’s and plays from the NAS for 30 mins then it stops and when I try and re-choose my media server it says nothing connected. I have to turn NAS power off and on again and once it’s initialised again the WD box see’s it again and will allow me to even start off from where it stopped. But again it only plays for another 30 mins before stopping again!

very frustrating!

I have checked settings on virgin 3 hub and can’t see any anomalies but I am no geek so if anyone has any ideas please can you explain in easy to understand non techy way :slight_smile:

Ideally I don’t want to fork out any more money for something else. surely there has to be a workaround for this?