After power down of NAS, the next day WDTV doesnt see media

This is driving me nuts, Iv got a Synolgoy DS410 and every night I power it down. Then the next day, when I put the TV on and goto my WDTV it says the last content is removed and droppes me to the menu, np.

Now, then I goto Network Share, Windows Shares, DISKSTATION and it cleams

There is no media in the current folder.

I have to reboot the WDTV unit to get it to work again…

Very frustrating…

Not sure why you are powering down your NAS every night. But if i reboot my NAS i dont get this error. Do you have your NAS setup with a static IP?

Ofcourse, thats a no-brainer. :wink: but thanks for the reply

The WD *will* disconnect from shares if the server becomes unreachable.

The fact that it’s not reconnecting properly is probably a bug.  Your best bet is your current method; just reboot the WD.

Yeah and theres the frustration. I cant do anything … bugged :S