Is it media server or local server or Windows shares

Hey guys
I have a wdtvlive connected to my NAS synology 413. It’s hard wired via Ethernet cable I don’t use wifi.

Firstly are you meant to point the media player to local server? That’s what I would of thought it was?

I have had issues where since my power went out in the house. The wdtvlive media player only connects to network shares windows and then I can see my server. I’m pretty certain it was working when I pointed the media player to local server but not entirely sure.

All I know is that when it connects via Windows network, my movies freeze have way through the show to the point I have to restart. I never had this problem prior to the power outage we had.

Hi Aspire029 ,

It seems that after the power issue, you are facing this problem. So, you can just reset the NAS device as well as your WDTVLIVE. Make sure that both the devices should be connected to the same router and then try to access the shares from your NAS.

Thank You!

thanks for your reply.
So is it Windows shares?