WD live TV


i have a WD TV live media player connected with a cable to my linksys WRT610 router,  i have also linksys Nas200 connected via wire to the same router as well as a PS3.

my issue is that when i play media on my PS3 from the NAS200 it plays flawlessly without any problems, but when i play the same media from the WD TV live media player it stutters and hangs a lot even without fast forwarding or anything else.

is there a way to fix this since the only reason i have bought the WD TV live media player was to play media or have i wasted money on this player???

please help


Use network shares instead of the media server for the Live (which itself is a media server).

i am already using network shares, i am getting the same result whether am using network shares or media servers. i have set fixed IP address for all my devices and still the result is so bad even though i am still getting a perfect video and playback on the PS3


But you *are* running a media server for your PS3, right?  Stop that media server (along with any other non-essential services) and make sure you have no other net load.

What do you mean by stopping the media server? Shall i disconnect the ps3 or stop the function from the nas200 itself??

I’m assuming things here, so forgive me if I’m wrong (I have a PS3 but don’t try to stream media to it).  Most likely on your PC you have software of some kind that is acting as a server to the PS3.  When you are at the PS3 how do you get to your video? 

Whatever that software is (and there are a ton of media servers so I can’t even guess) then you should stop it AND make sure it’s services are stopped (go to Services and cancel the ones that it runs).

(I suppose what I should try and go is fire up my PS3 and see exactly how this works, but I thought for sure you can’t use a network share with it.  If I get a chance tonight I’ll see exactly what’s going on).

Ah, in doing some investigation I find a lot of folks using Windows Media Player to stream (and this is a VERY pernicious program, IMHO.  I’ve removed it from all my PCs).

To stop this bring up the program and disable “media sharing” (it’s in there somewhere, but I’m not going to install it to look for it).  You may need to reboot your computer as well.

Now – you can run OTHER servers so make sure you aren’t doing that as well.

thank you very much, i will give it a shot today and see how things go on

i tried it, still no use. the videos are still hanging all the time

Did you try resetting the unit back to factory defaults (sometimes is necessary when trying changes like this)?