WD TV Live Keeps Disconnecting from my WinXP network share

Anyone else having disconnection issues from an WinXP system constantly?  I don’t understand why this is happening, but it happens after a few minutes of use.

I am using Dlink HomePlug device.  I haven’t had problems with this unit at all before I bought the WDTV live.  Also, another of my network computers is staying online without issue, but it’s not my media server device. 

Have you tried testing it with a direct ethernet connection from your router? That might be able to tell whether it is the D-Link Homeplug, router, or simply the unit itself.

Yes, that’s a typical issue that people, including myself are experiencing.  I’m running an ethernet cable from the box to the hub.

The suggestion that seems to work the best so far is to power up the wdtv live box and let it sit for about 5 min.  Then access the windows share.  I’ve had no problems with disconnections so far using this tip.

I’m hoping that WD will fix this in the next release.

I think its more likely your WDTV gets disconnected from the machine, rather than it disconnects (why would it).

Ie, something wrong on the network. Perhaps the router, some people have had problems with dhcp giving it short lease times so it has to renew its IP all the time. Setting a longer time out (say many days) usually does the trick.

Thanks for the help everyone. 

I “may” have found an issue with my external drive on my server powering down and not wanting to power back up - giving it a shot.  I appreciate all of the advice.