WD TV Live & Linksys Mediahub

Hello everyone! Hoping to get some help here. Been having a heck of a time getting the media library piece of this working. I had added the Linksys Mediahub’s main folder (named Media) via the ‘add network share to media library’ button. It added it and compiled for about 2 hours. I made sure the wdtv.cas2 file was being written to up until the WD TV Live’s LEd stopped flashing. When it was done, i tried going into the Videos tab on the main menu and the load symbol came up for a bit and then I got the message: ‘The last content source has been removed. Please selecrt a new content source.’ My Media Library is no longer an option. Any ideas? After discovering this issue, I connected to the router using a wire just in case the wireless was causing a problem.

You may try updating the WD TV Live its latest fimrware.  You may check the link below from the WD FAQ: