Constant "Content Source Removed" message when streaming from PC

Using my WDTV since the firmware update streaming files via the Media Server from my PC, during playback, I receive the Content Source Removed message.  I go back to the file and play again and it will happen minutes later.

Any ideas?

that means it’s loosing the connect to your PC

I’m going to guess your on wireless,

try wired or improve the wireless connection

I appreciate your suggestions.

My concern is in that I’ve had the unit about 18 months and have never received this message until now.

Additionally, yes, I am on wireless.  However, the PC is about 1 foot from the unit and about 4 feet from the router.  PC is hardwires to router.

Any additional thoughts?

if you’re that close I don’t know why it would loos the connection

however if you’re that close, going hardwared, I would think should be easy and would likely solve the problem

I suppose I could try rolling back.  I could just go hard wired (to the PC you meant?).  Unfortunately, the location of the PC was not a choice.  Battery died requiring it to be plugged in, ended up next to router.  It’s a laptop so I’d really like it to be portable!

best would be hardwired to the router

but now that I know it’s a laptop

you must remember wireless laptop → send signal to router

router → fwd signal to WD

so depending on possition of the laptop you could have some sort of interference combined with the fact that it’s wireless in both directions

there could be signal issues/interference etc … either 1. with the signal reaching the router or 2. the signal from router to WD or 3. maybe both

Perhaps I’m not understanding (most likely).

My laptop PC is hardwired to the router.

Are you saying it would be best to hardwire WDTV Live to route?

Thank you for your patience!

I guess I was mistaken

I though you said you wanted the laptop to stay mobile - so I assumed it was on wireless as well

anways, the more you can go wired the better

and yes prefered is wire everything to the router