Newly Added Content Disappeared

Hi All -

I’m hoping for some help.  I recently (last week) got a WDTV and have it hooked up to a new 3Tb My Book.  I loaded a few things on the external hdd by connecting it to my computer, and then got everything up and running.  Since then, I’ve added some media wirelessly.

My confusion is that the content I added over the last two days is now gone.  I know it was there because I watch some of it yesterday on the WDTV.  When looking at the network share, it no longer shows the most recent stuff either.  Its almost like it reset back to a few days ago.  Has anyone else had this problem?  It’s not all the wirelessly added stuff, just the last couple of days.  It’s odd.

I am going to recopy the stuff to the drive, but I don’t want this continually happening or to delete something from my computer that I thought I copied over, but then disappears two days later.

Thoughts?  Any advice would be much appreciated!!!



details please

what harddrive is connect to what pc

and your copying the files from what hdd on what pc


Sorry for the lack of detail, I’m new to this and I was trying to be brief and became too brief.

I bought both the WD TV and the harddrive last week.  The hard drive is the WD My Book 3TB (Model #WDBFK0030HBK-NESN).  I set up the WD TV and got things running.  I then connected the My Book to my laptop and moved the WD files into a miscelaneous file and created a new “Media” folder.  I copied some TV shows into a TV subfolder arranged with one folder per show.  I then safely removed the harddrive and connected it up to the WD TV.

Everything worked wonderfully - much better than my previous media server through PS3.  When new shows came out, I wanted to update the folders wirelessly.  I found the WDTV network drive and copied the new material to it from the same laptop.  I did a couple of shows on Monday, which copied over wirelessly and everything worked.  I did the same on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I even watched a couple of the shows that I had copied over to the WD TV on Tuesday.  However, on Thursday I noticed that the new shows/episodes I had copied over on Tuesday and Wednesday were no longer showing up.  I checked from both the WD TV and through the network on my laptop and it was gone.

I really like the WD TV so far, and want to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong/figure out why the shows I transfered disappeared.  If I’ve left anything out or you need any other details - please let me know.

Thanks again!!

sorry, but not really sure

so it’s

laptop -> wireless to hdd connected to WD

make sure drive is safely ejected before removing it, that can cause data loss on any device/pc

also it is possible to delete files using the remote control via gui

maybe somebody else in HH deleted the files