WDTV Live - Someone please help restore my sanity!

Hi all,

Ok… I bought this yesterday and I am totally stumped now. If anyone can help me I will be eternally grateful!

I bought a WD TV Live and connected it to my TV via HDMI and my router via ethernet. It was updated to the latest firmware and powered on.

My PC has four hard drives - an OS and three others with films on in video_ts format. I cannot get the WD TV Live to see the other three drives no matter what I do, let alone see the films in the drives.

I have ensured the Workgroup names match.

I have turned off password protected sharing.

I have enabled sharing of video via the Homegroup window.

I have manually enabled ‘Change’ permissions and sharing on the root of the drives themselves as well as the parent film folder on each drive.

On my PC the WDTV Live shows on the Network sidebar but not in the Homegroup section.
On the WDTV the only folders that show after searching for Windows Shares is the Default and Users folders that come on the OS drive, which have no media in because it’s all on the other drives.

Pleeeeease can someone help? I have followed the manual to the letter, I have scoured the internet til my eyes bled and I cannot understand where I am going wrong?

I eventually managed to get it to play the media, although the films all stutter after about 10 seconds and lose their sound… They stream fine to my laptop however. Do you think this PS3 server I’ve read about would cure that?

I’ve deleted my post. My comment had nothing to do with this issue.


Well, that all looks very disappointing. I expected better from WD tbh. I suppose I shall have to go through all my files and convert them to .iso unless someone else has any ideas?