New WDTV Live User :)))

Hello guys, just registered, as in need of some assistance with my new WDTV Live Media Player. I have been using the PS3 for over a year with minimal problems, using PS3 Media Server on my PC. I made the switch after reading such great reviews, but I have some issues I wonder if somene could possibly assist. I would be very happy as these issues are driving me bonkers!!

Ok bear with me here as I am new to this device, but here is whats up:

  1. I can connect to my PC no problems using the media share option, and my files play flawlessly, Im really impressed with the quality of playback, I am using Windows Media Player on my PC to share. I have tried PS3 Media Server and TVersity, but both was much much slower. I can’t however get SRT external subtitles to work, the player says it supports them but I am not 100% it does? I have the SRT files named exactly as the movie, in the same folder, but no subtitle stream is displayed at all. Again I am using the media server option on the WD to browse my files.

  2. As above, a very similar problem, my friend has a gorgeous layout on his WDTV with thumbnails for movies, he told me to put a 120x180 JPEG in the same folder as the movie, and name it the same exactly, I have done this, but the WD displays no thumbnails whatsoever when thumbnail view is enabled?

Extra Information that may help:

-I am using Windows 7

-I Am sharing via WMP (PS3 Media Player displayed thumbs but had the JPEGS next to the Videos…messy!)

-I am using the Media Servers option on WDTV Live (see below why)

-Music & Audio play perfectly, just detection of external JPEGS and Subtitles arent loading

-Shared folders have been given permission to everybody on the network

-Winidows Live ID is not installed

The reason I am using the media server option is because when I go to Network Shares, it connects, and displays my folder (much neater than the Media Server option I might add) but on selecting a folder I am told no media is present! Although when I back out and go to Media Server, everything is listed perfectly except thumbs and subs. Weird?? lol

I believe the issue is that you’re using WMP Media Server; I don’t think external thumbnails work over Media Servers…