Issues some guidance please

Hi all,

Apologies for my laziness, if the following issues have been discussed.

Bought the wd tv live media streamer on fri 22/02/13, went away for weekend,so yesterday set it up. Bought this streamer as amazon uk had glowing reviews it plays anything and everything.

so its not got to a good start.

  1. Supported video files include .vob so copied a dvd to hdd and tried to stream , wouldnt play. Browsed forums suggests you to filemerge, but if you copy to an ext hdd and connect to wdtv the same video plays. UGH?? To me doesnt make sense.

2)Connected ext hdd and networked stream some video files across. looked at wd yep there they were. Power wdtv off, go out, turn back on again and this time there are 5 versions of the same files, when you goto disk manager a 160gb hdd is now 849gb. again ugh.

3)because my stuff is stored on an internal hdd, so i have 2 hdd, when i do windows share or view content source, i cant access my 2nd hdd. any guidance?

I have more help i could do with but i think i will leave at that for now, obviously i need to learn how it all works, but what seems obvious isnt.

Many thanks for looking

I hope ive explained things ok

i now know how to access no 3(an internal hdd), whether thats because i shared the hdd, i will unshare and see