WD TV HD Media Player / WD 1TB External Hard-Drive -- Missing Video Files/Folder Only

Alright, I’m a brand new member. So I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. Please let me know if I need to post else where.

Here’s my biggest issue at the moment. Which it’s kind of freaking me out too! So I currently I have a Western Digital 1 TB External Hard-Drive. It stores about 700 GB of Video-Type Files. As well as 100 GB worth of Pictures.

When I plug that into my WD  TV HD Media Player. I see all my folders, and files and movies, and so on. Nothing’s missing what so ever.

But when I plug it into my computer. The only thing my computer sees is my picture folder. My Video/Movies folder is gone. Like gone.

When I check the size of the hard-drive. It’s still all taken up. But I cannot search for it, find it or anything. Just doesn’t show up. So it’s kind of scaring me now! I’m hoping I didn’t lose anything.

I can still watch it on my WD TV HD Media Player if I plug it in. I just can’t find it when I plug it in my computer. I have plugged it in multiple computers. Thinking it was my one computer acting up. But my laptop, and other desktops within the house comes out the same way.

So I’m at lost what to do. The last thing I did to my WD External Hard Drive was delete the .wd_tv because I was having performance issues with lag and un-sync’d plays. I was told to delete the .wd_tv folder and then try again. It solved the issue, and what not. 


Thanks for the time in reading this and replying.

Do you have your WD TV connect to your network? If so, can you see the movies in your computer, through the network?

If you can, then try to copy one of your movies to the computer.