File and Folder issues

hi all, iv been looking for " the right tool for the job" for a while and have been thru many diff media players. wd hd tv was the latest until i found out just how many formats it actually didn’t play , and then gave the Seagate theater + a go but found it very slow - ALTHOUGH worked very well once it started going.

and in my quest it has led me to the WD Live HD box, but i must say even after only an hour or so im not too impressed.

my biggest issue is ( and im only using a usb HDD at this point - no streaming via home network) it wont allow me to browse my folders to choose my media i wish to play, and instead all it will give me , for example is a list of 300 movies, or 10,000 pictures!  

as you can imagine this is very frustrating.

if anybody can tell me what im doing wrong or if in fact this is " just how it is" then i shall be greatfull - and if it turns out to be  " just how it is" you can guarantee it wont be here come 9am tomorrow! lol

thanks in advance,


************** UPDATE ******************

done a firmware update to .11 and now i can view all the content on my HDD in the settings menu but wont give me anything from the video, music or photo menus. 

i have tryed all - date, recent, all videos, and when i click on folders it says something like 

no media in folder.

PLEASE any help!!!

" just how it is" and WD ain’t looking as if they are going to change anything soon


so how can i use the **bleep** thing if i cant select any media?

it seems to work ok if i use a memory stick with JUST the avi on it, but seems as there are folders on my HDD that it wont read it ( even though i know it can as i can see it in the system settings and it will allow me to move,copy or delete the files!!!)

Go into system settings and switch of media library.

thanks for the reply,

i tryed that but it still doesnt work.

i also tried creating a folder system on a 2gb usb stick the same as i have on my 500GB Hdd with the same paths etc and it works fine,

and i KNOW that my HDD works fine with the rudy thing as i can see all my files and navigate round my folders when im in system settings > file managment

please please please somebody help me otherwise i really will be using force with it!!!


Sorry, I though you were taling about all the media types showing up under all the catagories. ie videos showing up when you are looking at music

I’m only connected via network no USB harddrive, but I didn’t have any luck with using media libraries only network shares, media library didn’t seem to work reliably shows deleted items as if they still exist or doesn’t show new ones.