WD TV live hub video orientation

I have just bought a new WD TV live hub 1T.

but I got surprised when I found that all my videos taken through my digital canon  cameracorder and my smart phone like iphone or galaxy S are not played correctly (they are rotated).

please I need to know how we can solve this issue, it is really very annoying and push me to refund the product

I check online and I found this link


Check that to see if it works for you

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thanks for your reply

but in fact i have a lot video files that i alredy uploaded to WD live tv hub.

and I can not fix all of them using the solution you provided.

I need a solution to be available with WD so we can fix the video when we are watching

thanks so much for your help

@ Hbaghdadi


You’re gonna have the same problem with any other brand of media player.


How did you film the footage ?  Camera Held in the Upright (Portrait) Position ?


Does the Hub play it rotated with black bars on the left and right side of screen ?


Try a test and hold the Camera ‘Horizontally’ (aka Landscape) and film a short clip and copy it to the Hub and look at the results.


The Live Hub (or any other media player cannot auto rotate film footage when shot at a different orientation (Portrait) to play correctly on a 16:9 display)