WD Photo App Mirroring on AppleTV

Since upgrading to iOS 9.0.2 when I mirror from either my iPhone or iPad the photos in the photo app do not display correctly on Apple TV, on the iPhone the photo is full screen however only the left half of the photo displays starting in the center of the screen. On the iPad the photo shows the whole picture but only in the upper right portion of the tv screen. I have tried this on 3 different TVs, I have adjusted the screen resolution and format, no change in how it displays. I can stream video from the WD my cloud app with no problem, appears to only be an issue with the photo app. Anyone else experience this? Apple referred me back to WD as it is only occurring in the photo app. Thank you for any assistance.


What have you tried so far?

Does resetting the unit or reinstalling the app makes any changes?

Good point, I did the reset, but I have not reinstalled the app on either device, I will give that a try.

Please do that and let us know. In the mean time, we have passed this along for further investigation.

It did not resolve the problem; I reinstalled on both my iPhone & iPad, same problem, I also viewed photos from both My Book Live & My Cloud, both doing the same thing.

I have had the same issue (ipad air 2, apple tv 3, WD Photos app version 2.4.5), and unfortunately it has not been resolved by an update of the app or anything. Anyone been able to fix it?

I am finding exactly the same issues!

On the last (or sometime in the recent changes) Apple iOS update there is a new button, I found by accident that resolves this entire issue.

First, set your AirPlay, click mirror, then go to the WD Photos app, click any photo, on the top right corner of the photo you see the box with a right arrow, click it, it brings up options, you should see this new button, labeled something like second screen, click it, make sure it’s on, and then the photos will display fully, along with slideshow if you want it. Just have to make sure that is set to on. It resolved the entire issue. Hope that helps.

Many thanks for this solution - fantastic and simple when you know how!! All is right with the world again now.