Wd tv live Having Issues

Hi All,

I have upgraded to the latest firmware 1.04.17_V.

Now when i select

video > media servers > family-pc > folders > movies > then select a video/movie all i get is the blue turning wheel in the middle and none play.

Can someone please suggest how i can fix this?

Cheers Shane

Try a hard reset. Media server coming from Win7 is having no problems with me… What media server is yours using?

Unplug the WDTV for at least 30 minutes (lets the memory clear out).  When you plug it back in, wait for the firmware to load and then press the reset in the left side of the box.  After it resets, set your system settings the way you had them previously and try it.  If you are using Windows 7, a reboot while you’re waiting can’t hurt either.  Clears the Media Center memory.

When you say what media server what do mean by that?

You said you are using a media server. WHAT media server are you using?