Simply will not play

Hi to everyone,

Not really sure where to place this post, but here goes anyway.

I have had my wdtv live from amazon about 10 months with absolutely no problems at all.

Then yesterday using a seagate usb 320gig drive to play a movie (mkv) the TV had this spinning wheel in the middle of the screen (you know when it’s thinking about it).

I have used this drive many times before for the same function with no problems.

It may help but when i try to play something from YouTube the same thing happens.

I have reset on the side of the player and let it cool down, also reset to factory settings, tried a different usb drive, also removed the latest movie just in case it was affecting the play back.

I’ve done some research and although i don’t want to send it back to amazon for another unit i need to sort this out before my years warranty expires.


Regards Beamer

Welcome to the forums.

Try unplugging it for at least 10 minutes (longer is better) from the power supply.  Then attach power, reset again, and see if it will at least come with the WD logo.  Then try playing something from YouTube (not from your drive) after, of course, you reinput your network settings again (you will need to do all your net set up).

thanks for the welcome

unfortunately for me i have tried this first.

it may of been that i removed the usb when the device was on and altered someway the electronics.

 kind regards beamer

So let me get this straight – you’ve unplugged the Live, removed your locally attached USB drive, you’ve reset it, but what happens when you power it back on (without the drive attached)?  Do you not see the WD logo?

If not, then you need to return it for repair.  If you see the logo, walk me through what keystrokes you are using (what menu items) as you try a YouTube video (but again, do not attach any drive).


I do as you described…i see the wd logo. I have no local USB drive connected.

I have reset the device and reconfigured my net access.

I select video/youtube/top favorites /press play…the spinning wheel appears and nothing else.

I really appreciate your input to resolve this problem but i have contacted Amazon and they have agreed to send me another device.

kind regards beamer

That’s the nice thing about Amazon – returns and exchanges are easy and fast.

Sorry we couldn’t help further.