WD TV Live Firmware Pre-release Update

Attention WD TV Live Users,

We are pleased to offer prerelease WD TV product updates to make your viewing experience better than ever.  We are limiting this to the first few hundred people who download it.  Feel free to install it, but be aware this is beta firmware that we are still testing, so use it at your own risk. 

Please post your experiences to this thread.  Do not contact customer support for issues found with this firmware. 

WD TV Live Firmware Pre-release Update


Note:  PlayOn is currently not working on this version.



Contentwise there is not that much for me personally to cheer about, but I applaud the move and expect to give it a shot later in the day.

(subs IN mpeg files? Don’t think I’ve heard of that before!)

Looks like the download limit has been reached already. :cry:

I’m gonna try it now , it says it supports W7 but really I’m using W7 so what kinda support are they talking about

Have you already downloaded it? I can’t. When pressing download I get the old firmware instead.

Yeah, links to the current 1.01.24 firmware?

Very disappointed to miss out on this.  Been on the **bleep** forum all day and this gets posted up in the 40 minutes I take a break…??  :angry:


Grumbles aside, this is a step in the right direction.  Nice to see what’s gonna be in the next update, should be at least a few things to please most people.

Added Windows 7 support

What does this mean?

Also Play on isn’'t supported?   Will this be added so that possibly can you Do Play ON from the main menu?    Simmilar to how music is played.  

I would love to see a Clock as well.  


I didn’t find a free usb thumb but wait is this 1.01.24 , looks like I didn’t download the right version or maybe they didn’t really host it

Edit: the download code is different and size is slightly different so might be real

Sorry, trying to get the download link fixed now.

what’s the time limit anyway

Hehe people you didn’t miss anything, they forgot to update the link to the right achive :smileyvery-happy:


file not found , let’s wait until they upload , I’m happy about the bigger fonts and better network (hope so )

EDIT: downloadinggggggggggggggggggggg

go download!!!

The 1.02.14 file that I just downloaded has the header in the ver file as





which I believe is the go back file to .24

Can I advise that you treat this file as dubious as it may be just the .24 file.

downloading via Bill’s original web link. very slow download. Size is only about 2mb

OOps 28 MB

I would suggest that you download again as another version has just been added which has the correct ver code and the file size is 31.9Mb. You have to love WD don’t you. In The UK we have a saying about ‘**** ups in a brewery’.

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http://download.wdc.com/wdtv/wdtvlive_1_02_14.zip - This is the correct firmware file. Sorry for the confusion.

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[text deleted] , I tried upldating from the previous link and it didn’t update and gave stupid response , now I’ll try the new link