New Release - Firmware Version 1.04.17_V for WD TV Live (12/30/10)

WD is happy to announce our latest firmware update for the WD TV Live Media Player.  

Known Issue: Fast navigation in Deezer can sometimes cause a device reboot.

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when will you solve the playon issue??

And the icon in the middle of the thumbnails?

And the sound distortion after using flingo?

And the info bar not disappearing on pause/play and chapter skips?


i updated just to try before i downgraded to another firmware…and to my suprise Playon is working.  Hulu and more importantly ESPN3 with working.  Now i can watch on my tv instead of small a#@ laptop

VOB playback seems fixed, as is high bitrate MKV NAS streaming.

can’t get Flingo to freak out, either.

I just updated the firmware and I now I no longer get a signal through HDMI, what gives? Is there a way to roll back to the previous firmware which worked fine? This is ridiculous that a firmware update would create more problems!

I updated and lost my wireless option.  Has anyone had this issue. How do i go back?

See KB article 5800.

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Tested Deezer, Flickr, Youtube, ISO’s (with and without menus), playlists, mp4’s - all worked fine.  720p was remembered from the previous firmware settings and the TV connected uneventfully.

After upgrading from 1.03.49V, network settings were lost and had to be re-entered.  Along the line, the “Cancel” and “Restart” buttons were reversed after a failed network connection.

When will be release of firmware for WDTV HD (gen2)??? WDC, wtf???

Playon works!

Tried wired and wireless and so far so good!

Will look in more detail at apps, various file playback and connectivity in the next few days…

installed the new firmware and now my wireless connection wont work

Looks good.

Weather plugin much faster now :slight_smile:

Some of bugs:

While watching movie (or music via upnp) press poweroff on remote and looks like device now react on it anymore, then goes to reboot.

Looks like youtube plugins a little bit slower.

In some plugins translation combine with russian (my language in settings) and english. (flickr plugin words about 7 days intresting now is not translated into russian).

Do USB Hubs work now with this firmware?

Thank you for improve keyboard navigation!

Everything seems OK for now! :slight_smile:

I can’t speak to drives, but usb hubs work fine with a wireless dongle and keyboard.

High birate streaming from my NAS seems to go better.

Only some stuttering with 42 Mbit/sec “Birds scene” 1080p .MKV test file.

Previous firmware I have seen stuttering with > 34 Mbit/sec Birds scene test files.

I hope WD will implement NFS protocol.

It uses less overhead vs (SAMBA) network shares and streaming is expected to work * much * better.

Anyhow thanks for the streaming improvement! :smiley:

(The ONLY thing i use this player for.)

Is anybody getting this latest firmware working with wireless?

Al, WDTVLivex2: 1 wireless and 1 wired

Does anyone know if this firmware fixes the issue whereby streaming videos (particularly .VOB) across a network doesn’t work?

There is no mention of this in the release notes.

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