WD TV LIVE does not see XP and Vista, but see the mobile

I’ve configured the WDTVLIVE with Wi-Fi connetcion. I can see the YouTube’s films, I can see the pictures in Flicker.
I have a 3 computers at home (Windows XP connected  to router by cabel, Windows Vista laptop with Wi-Fi and Windows 7 laptop with Wi-Fi)
I see in the WDTVLIVE only Shared Pablic folders on Vista. I see even the mobile phone (after was given IP),
But I does not see the XP shared or mapped folders and on the Vista too.
Somebody know whether this can be solved?
I think about the returning of the device if I purchased only additional the problems.

So your Vista computer can see your XP shared folders and vice versa, right?

Check the network connections on the Live (there is a “Check connections” option) and see what workgroup it is a part of.  Make sure it’s the same workgroup as your netshares on the XP and Vista computers (you can right click on “My Computer” and check the workgroup there).  Make sure your net shares are set for “everyone”.

Thank you for quick answer.
All of my computers and Live has the same workgroup.
“everyone” have et least “read” permission.
From the Vista (did not check it from XP) I see all of devices in the Network (WDTVLIVE, Mobile, Router, other computers).
ping is ok.
All of IPs suitable to static DNS table in the router.
The last number in the IP of Live have 2 digits.



Okay, but from the Vista can you see the shared folders of the other computers?  (And go into them and see the shared files?).

(I’d also make sure you go to the Live settings panel and do a “reset connection to net shares” so you need to login again).

Yes sure. I can see all of the shared folders (and files) on my computers from Vista.

I did a few times the clean of login information of shared folders on the Live device.

This sounds odd (and it is) but could you try installing this program (and running it) and then seeing if the Live works:



I’ve removed the auto login and now I see at all excluding the shared folders on Vista.

In MyLanViewer from XP I see all of shared folders on Vista, but Live does not see them.



But the main problem now it is periodical hanging of Live and it disappear from the network with a freezed picture on the screen. One way to back - to take out it from the electricity.

If I managed to reach some MP3 file (with terrible timeouts) it sounds 2 second and all hang again.

Try that program I suggested (if it doesn’t work you can just uninstall it).

The programm MyLanViewer works fine and see at all.

The problem is in Live device.

The network sharing does not work again.

It very-very not stable.

So after you run that program the Live still does not work properly?.

The MyLanViewer was running alltime, but Live is working very not stable.

A few time it lost his network settings. The network testing get stuck on DNS checking.

If MyLanViewer  is not running the Live does not see the Vista.

Could you try with wired connection instead of wirless ?

Yes, it is a next step when I will come home this evening.

But it will lost the meaning of this device.

Or it will identify where the problem is (so it can be fixed).

You mean I will be forced not to use Wi-Fi?

No, I mean that if it works fine wired then the problem is with your wi-fi setup.

But let’s not worry about that right now – one thing at a time (it may not work wired, either, in which case the problem is something else.  That’s what troubleshooting is all about, trying to pinpoint exactly where the problem is so you know how to solve it).

If i connect the computer directly to WDLive by net-cabel, there is no problem. All is flying.
The problems with a Wi-Fi network.
It see my router and Wi-Fi network, but can not detect the parameters:
“Unable to obtain an IP address. The media player has limited or no network connectivity”
If I put is manually it periodically lose the DNS address.
I’ve  tried to connect via Wi-Fi repeater (with net-cabel too) - the same situation.
So… this evening I go to the store to return this miracle.

So you don’t want to try and fix your wireless issues?

Well, that’s up to you.  We can only help people who want to be helped (and it’s okay to return the Live – it’s not a device for everyone).

WDLIVE already found the upgrade in the internet and installed it automatically.
It was nice, but not enough?

I am working as programmer and I am sure, in a life, the attuning should not take so much time.
I respect the plug-and-play devices.

You are right. This device for playing, but not for using.
Thank you for your efforts.