Network Share Issues in Vista

Hey folks, I’m about ready to write my issue off to being a Vista problem, but thought I’d ask for help here first.  

After setting up my WD TV Live, I can find my laptop (Vista) through network shares,but not my PC (also Vista, which connects to the internet through the same FibreOp modem that the laptop uses to access internet).

I think I’ve got all of the same sharing permissions set on both the PC & laptop, so I’m not sure what the issue is.  I’ve messed around with firewall, network settings etc. but to no avail.   

Any suggestions?  Is there a go-to network setting in Vista that will help the PC get picked up by the WD TV Live?  

Thanks in advance!

Check if all of them have the same workgroup name, if they don’t they wont be able to see each other on the network. Also check the link below so you can review the steps to share a folder.