Share folders in XP will NOT show up while connected wireless

Anyone can help me PLEASE!! I got an WD TV Live as a gift (what I asked for) and I’m having some problems. I’ve got the WD TV Live connected wired to my home network (Netgear Wireless Router WPN824) along with a My Book World Edition. The problems I’m having is that the share folders on two laptops that have XP Home SP3 and XP Pro SP3 will not show up on WD Live while connected to my home network  through a wireless (TKIP passcode) connection. If I connect the two laptops to the Netgear router with a Ethernet wire (wired) they show up on WD TV Live and I can play mp3,videos,& look at pictures in the shared folders. If I go back to wireless on the Xp laptops Nothing. I also have a Vista laptop connected wireless (TKIP passcode) to the network and it works fine with WD TV Live after I gave Vista permission to connect to WD TV Live. I would like for the XP machines to work too-wireless. I have a feeling it’s windows XP that something not right. Side note the two XP machine will not share with each other if connected wireless but will wired with Ethernet. I don’t know what to do to get it working wireless. Does some ports or something need to be open. I disabled McAfee firewall and XP firewall already. Thanks in advance.

See if this article will help you out:,289625,sid7_gci1100901,00.html#

Sounds like your XP wireless connection has the firewall turned on blocking file sharing, while the cable connection does not.

Thanks rubaduckie,

The two computers ping each other fine, so not a general  network reachability problem. Started looking at NetBios specific problems. Played around with network protocols. I think it may be fixed now. Going now to check WD TV Live. We’ll see.

I’ll look at that too JSmith. Thanks

Ok. WD TV Live still has nothing. The two xp computer are sharing quite nicely over wireless now, so that is fixed. Yea!!

I ping WD TV Live from both computer and thats ok. Ran an net use commond on both computers WD TV Live not showing up. All firewalls (XP & McAfee) are OFF. Is there some ports I need to open or more protocols to load??

Did a quick search found this [here]( “Network DDE” and “Network DDE DSDM”).

Both my Network DDE and  Network DDE DSDM setting were disabled. I configered them to auto. But still NOT working on WD Tv Live! :frowning:

Anyone any ideas.

The WD TV Live works when it is connected to the router/switch with a cable but not when it’s on wireless. How about your wireless AP/Router config, do you have isolation enabled (i.e. wireless devices can’t talk to each other)?

WD Tv Live network shares work when the xp computers are connect wired but does not when they (laptops) are wireless. The WD Tv Live has always been connected with ethernet wire (Wired). Sharing between the xp laptops is working now. They ping each other and they both ping the WD Tv Live.

I checked the router (Netgear) config and seen no such isolation settings.