WD TV Live wired network and Windows XP SP3 network shares

I have a windows XP Pro SP3 box connected to a netgear router via cable, a Dell laptop connected to the same router via wireless and WD TV Live connected to the same router via cable. I have shared a few folders on both my PC and laptop. My WD player does not even show these computers under “Network Shares”. Any help would be appreciated.

The first question is, can your XP box and the Dell see eachother and eachother’s shares?  If not, then you may not have the shares set up properly.  If you can, then what you’re going to want to check first iss that your workgroup is set to the same thing on all three devices.  The default for both the Live and Windows is “WORKGROUP”, so you or someone else would have had to explicitly changed this.

Yes the laptop and PC can see each other

Checked everything. User Accounts have passwords, all devices are on WORKGROUP and guest account is on for both the PC and laptop. 

Any other ideas?

Using TVersity, WD can see my laptop as a media server.

i have the exact same problem sinds the cristmas time 12-24-10 :X does not seems te bee a coincidence

my systems are all win7 im working on firmware 1.03.49 so its nog the firmware or wdtv live that is cousing the trouble i think.

I figured it out myself. My router had a IP range 10.0.x which was the problem. Changed it to 192.168.10.x worked!