Wd live can't see my xp computer

I have networked my wd live media player wirelessly with a d-link usb adapter(DWA-125) and can see all the computers in my house except for one. Two of the computers have Windows 7, one has Vista and the one I can’t see on the media player has XP. I just want to see the external WD passport I have connected to that computer so I can access movies that I regularly transfer to that hard drive. I don’t want to move that hard drive to another computer. Any help would be awesome. I’ve looked on the community and couldn’t find anything that would help. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough. Thanks in advance.

Shared folders work ok from a usb drive for me (XP SP3).

Your first problem to solve is that the WDTV can not see the XP computer, have a read of this first, I’m sure Tony will see this and offer you some help with that side of it :smiley:

Can your win7 and Vista computers see the XP computer and the shares ok ???

I figured it out. Actually the IT guy from my work did. He told me to download a uPnP server (free) off of the internet…aka a media server.  The one I used was “TVersity”.  It lets my Xbox and my WD media player now see my XP computer. IT’s great!!!