Can't see WD TV Live in Windows Vista

I have a laptop and a desktop connected wirelessly to a D-Link router. The WD TV Live is wired to the router. The laptop and desktop both run Norton Internet Security, with the same settings. My desktop runs Windows XP, and theWD TV Live shows up as a network drive which I can access to delete and move and copy files and folders however I please.

The laptop runs Vista, and the WD shows up under Network, but has an mp3 player icon, and double clicking it brings up a web page with some HTML code at I am assuming the issue is with Vista, since the router and Norton settings are the same on both systems. Or is it a setting in the WD that I have to set so that the laptop can access the WD connected hard drive too? Media sharing in Vista is on, and the WD shows up with a green check mark. I am not that familiar with Vista settings, so any help would be great.

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Search this forum, there are a zillion topics on this.

Those zillion topics seem to deal with not being able to access shared folders on a Vista machine from the WD TV Live. I can do that. What I cannot do is access the folders and files on the hard drive attached to the WD TV Live from the Vista laptop.

Hummmm that’s an odd one.  Did you consider upgrading to Windows 7?  lol  no just kidding

Ill try this out over the weekend,  What version of Vista are you running (home, business, ultimate) and is it 32 or 64 bit

So just so I understand, can you see your vista system from the Live unit under network shares?

Are you able to log into your vista system from the live unit

from the computer window where you can see your internal drives, on the left hand side do you see Network?  if you expand this do you see the WDTV unit?  Is there a triangle to the left?  if yes, what happens if you click on the triangle?  Same as if you click on it under network places?

The green Arrow just indicates that Vista see it as a media device.  Mp3 Icon is just a Vista default icon. WD should really make a windows driver to fix this to look like the WDTV unit.  :smiley:

I’m guessing your VISTA box is running the Link Layer Toplogy Mapper.   That’s how it knows its a Media Device.

Win7 has the same functionality.  When I do what you describe under Win7, the exact same thing happens…

It’s not an “Issue,” it’s working correctly to do what you describe.

Under Win 7 (I think Vista is similar), you can browse to the WD doing this:


On the LEFT side, there’s a panel that (from top to bottom) starts with


  LIBRARIES (won’t be on Vista, that’s Win7 specific)

  HOMEGROUP (won’t be on Vista, That’s win7 specific)

  COMPUTER (lists all the local and mapped drives)

  NETWORK (lists all discovered devices.)

If there are chevrons next to them, click it to expand them.  Your WD should show there.

If you single-click the WD, then the right panel should show the drive contents. 

From there, you can MAP the drive to a drive letter, or just navigate as you wish.

Let me know if this helps!

In the mean time, I’ll go boot my Vista box and see what it sees.

Well, wouldn’t ya know it…  Vista doesn’t work the same way. :slight_smile:



Your WDTV should show up TWICE, once as a Media Device, once as a computer.

If it doesn’t then can you verify that your VISTA box can see your XP Box?