WD TV Live and Networking help

Hi, I have a WD TV live. And just notice the useful of networking. But I don’t know how to set up a networking, or have much knowledge of networking. I search on the internet but get confused of what I need and how it works.

I have

-          External hard drive – 3tb my book en and 1tb my book.

-          I think I can use this to make it a networking drive –

-          I have a router that connects to my internet cable and computes - I do’nt know if I can use this as ethernet for networking?

What else do I need to create a networking, so my computer and wd live can connect to the same hard drive at the same time. Please help me how to set up a networking to use with wdtv live


Please check the link below, is the WDTV Live user guide. In there you will find steps by steps guidance to connect your WDTV to your Home network.


Thank you very much. So If i connect my network drive to the router or switch with the wdtv? the wdtv will find the drive??