Here THE SOLUTION ! to access the connected USB Hard Drive WD TV Live FROM YOUR computer

First, i’m french… sorry, bad english.

Second, i was tired of disconnecting the usb hard drive from WD TV Live to plug it into my computer just to update the movie i needed to watch. So, after a lot of reading, i’ve come to my OWN solution for accessing the Hard drive of the WD TV Live just with a RJ45 (internet cable or network cable … the same, … wireless should be the same) connect from my computer to the WD TV Live box !

Very simple, no network programing or tunning … !

So, just to make shure, you have a internet connection plug into your router (ex: Dlink or Lynksys), and then, the WD TV connect to the same router, and your computer into the same router !!! Everybody is supposed to see each other.

Computer to WD TV, WD TV to the internet, and of course… internet to the computer !


A lot of you use the control panel (network) to troubleshoot your problem and you already checked the network …

let me guess … you asked the network to —  MAP — all the network … you could see th WD TV Live icon … but it was impossible to copy/paste from your machine to the WD TV cause it didnt appear in the navigation page !!!

So … this was done with win7 32 bits …

You click on Start, My Computer (or on the desktop) … ang go directly into the adress bar …

(It look alike  in the explorer page … you know what i mean !!!)

So, directly into the adress bar, you type something like this:   [\](file://%5C%5C192.168.0.101%5C) … push enter !

This is the unique direct adress of your hard drive connect to your WD TV  Live multimedia box.

You will see then the hard drive icon … go into it and navigate in it to copy/paste like any other computer device !

1- note those are Back slash … not slash …  (\\\ and ///// are not the same !!!)

2- To find your exact adress you need, navigate (with the remote) INTO the settings of the WD TV live look for Network Settings and somewhere you will find info of the adress assigend by the router to your WD TV Live box.

Do not use the submask … 255.255 etc… use the or it coul be anything close to that

depends if the device is first, second, third … etc… if you messed with the router not being default, it could be anything !

To reset a router, there is a tiny whole in the back where you can put a needle !


NOTE on a different subject !!!

Many of us have kids who destroy dvd disk !

Many of us thinks that if you BUY a DVD , it means you OWNS the RIGHTS !!!

Owning the rights, means you can RIP the DVD into the multimedia box and

keep the original DVD in a safe place !

If you’re the kind of people who thinks that, i do not share your thoughts but … here how to do things.

Buy AnyDVD ( free 21 days trial), right click on the red fox bottom rights and choose RIP DVD to files.

( you can choose Rip DVD to ISO and put it on WD TV Live but it takes a **bleep** lot of space !)

Then, find a old & free version of DVD Shrink. Choose the rip files and find MAIN movie.

Copy paste Main movie into RE-Authered. Choose … NO Compression.

Then Choose English & French… and spanish if you want keep 3 language … flush the rest !

No subtitle, no director comment, etc. Push … Re-Authered.

Then, find a old & free copy of AUTO GK, and compress it to AVI. ( It Takes forever but the result is amazing)

You can ask AutoGK to do 4 movies during the night… it will be done buy the morning.

Also, for knowledge, it takes about 20 minutes to transfer 5 gig on stuff from computer to WD TV Live usb drive with a CABLE… wireless will be longuer.

Also, i’ll try to use the cable to watch the TV true the cable from my computer directly … no usb hard drive.

It woks but, as soon as you use the computer… TV skip, freeze or lag !

It tooks me a lot of time to write this, please comment !

WD TV Live is a fantastic cheap product !!! Very little bug, reads everything on the planet !!!

10 stars !!!


Nice, thanks for sharing. :smiley:

Thanks for that info I have been trying to access the drive for ages.

Or you could just install WD Discovery tool and be done with it.

No need to use it every time either. Just install it. Run it once to map the drive and that’s it.

Every time I turn on my WDTV Live + I can go over to my PC and open Windows Explorer and click on NETWORK on the Left hand side and Im in.